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A gift registry is a wish list of all the items you would like for your baby. Share your list with friends and family to simplify gift buying for a baby shower. You can list both budget and expensive items to suit all budgets. Plus you won’t need to worry about duplicate gifts and the hassle of numerous returns. Now you’ll be wondering where to register for baby gifts.

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Best Online Baby Registry

There is a lot of choice available both in-store and online. We’ve researched what’s available and created this handy guide to baby registries. In this guide we’ll discuss:

  • Top 6 Baby Registries
  • Choosing a Baby Registry
  • Advantages of Gift Registries
  • Pitfalls of a Baby Registry

First let start with our reviews of the most popular baby registries.

Where to Register for Baby Gifts – Top 6

1. Amazon Baby Registry


  • Selections – Largest selection with ability with universal registry
  • Discounts – Completion discounts and additional coupons for amazon family and prime members
  • Return – Generous 90 day free return policy
  • Extras – Prime Members receive a baby welcome box

The Amazon baby registry is the most popular among new moms. It’s our number one choice purely because of the great benefits.

You probably already know that Amazon sells almost every product known to man. This means that your selection is virtually endless. What’s even better is that their baby registry is actually universal. That means that you can add any item from any online store to your list. All items purchase through the registry include free shipping and free returns up to 90 days.

You will also receive discount on products from selected categories. Regular members will get 10% off and Amazon Family Members will get 15% off. The maximum order total is $5000, which can save you up to $750. Plus Amazon tend to run discount deals throughout the month so you can ultimately save a lot.

Prime Members get the best deals with lots of extras. This includes a free ‘Welcome Box’ with lots of baby goodies worth around $55. This gives you that chance to try out brands you normally wouldn’t without it costing you. Prime membership also makes you privy to various discount coupons including 20% off diaper subscriptions.

The only downside we found was that it’s completely online. This isn’t great for those who like to purchase in person. Plus it may make it harder for the less tech savvy family or friends to use the list. Although you can print off a copy to give to them.

To start your own Amazon Baby Registry click here.

2. Babies ‘R’ Us

babies r usBenefits

  • Selection – Hugh baby retailer with great selection of large items
  • Cash Back – Receive money back on any purchases made from your list
  • Discounts – Initial completion discount for creating a registry
  • Returns – Best returns policy of all the registries

Babies R Us are one of the best known baby stores, so it no surprise they come a close second place.

You receive a 10% discount coupon when you sign up for this registry. This can only be used once on items from your registry. We would recommend using it for the largest purchase you intend to make for baby. Babies are us stores have a great selection of big items such as cribs or strollers.

They also run a cash back system on all purchase made from your list. You get up to 10% of the purchase price, even those made by friends and family. The first $300 will get you 5% and anything over nets you 10% cashback. So if the total spend from your registry is $1500 you’ll get $135 back. This is emailed as an e-gift card around 12 weeks after your babies due date. The voucher can be used in store or online for both babies r us and toys r us.

The Babies R Us registry scores best for their generous returns policy. They give you up to a year to return any items purchased from your list. Although you will receive store credit for any returns rather than cash.

If you are finding the prices a bit on the high side Babies are us offer a price match. You can use it with any printed ad or online store which sell the same item for less. The price match guarantee is only available for in store purchases and not online.

To start your own Babies R Us Registry click here.

3. Target



  • Discount – Discounted rates to complete your list and on selected items
  • Shipping – Free shipping over $25 or collect for free in store
  • Returns – Generous 1 year return policy
  • Perks – Gift bag of sample baby products and additional coupons

The great thing about registering at Target is that it’s so convenient. With over 1800 stores you more than likely have one near you. If you don’t then their registry can be easily accessed online. In fact the online choice is a lot more extensive than in-store. This make it easier for free in-store collection if your order doesn’t quite reach the $25 for free home delivery.

Everyone who starts a target baby registry will receive a complementary goody bag to collect in store. This includes free samples, even full sized ones, and around $60 of coupons. Plus around 8 weeks before your due sat Target will send an additional 15% off voucher. You can use this online and in-store, however its one time use only on products already on your registry list.

A huge win for the Target Registry is their returns policy. You have up to a year after your baby shower to return or exchange items from your registry. You can return both online and in-store. Moms who have used this feature report returns are hassle free and simple to do.

Click here to get started with your own Target Baby Registry.

4. Walmart

walmart baby registry


  • Convenience – Add items in-store and online
  • Mobile App – Browse and scan bar codes of in-store items
  • Selection –  Huge selection of branded items for discount prices

The Walmart Baby Registry is a basic, no frills option. Since Walmart is the biggest discount retailer in the US you’ll find all the big brands here. You can browse their huge selection both in store and online.

The registry app is a great feature for easy use. You can browse conveniently at any time anywhere you want. Plus you can scan bar code of in store items and quickly add them to your list.
They offer free shipping over $50 or free in store collection. The returns policy is a standard 90 day returns of new and unopened goods.

The biggest downside to this registry is that it doesn’t offer any discount codes for starting a registry. You can however sign up to the Walmart Baby box. This allows you to get free baby product samples roughly every 3 months, however you do need to pay $5 shipping.

Start your own Walmart Baby Registry by clicking here.

5. Buy Buy Baby



  • Coupons – Receive completion coupons, friend referral discounts
  • Goody Bag –  Complementary baby sample and coupons box
  • Consultation – In store registry consultation to help you find what you need
  • Perks – Use sister site Bed Bath and beyond coupons

The Buy Buy Baby registry offers great selection and customer service. You can shop both online or in store with a free registry consultation service. If you hate being pushy sales talk then we recommend avoiding this and browsing yourself.

When you register for baby gifts you will receive a goody bag. The contents are pretty good with some full size items, magazines and useful coupons for money off. You can also use coupons from their sister site Bed Bath and Beyond. This will save a lot of money as they regularly send out 20% off coupons. The will also let you combine coupons for one purchase.

If there are item you haven’t received from your list you’ll receive two completion coupons. One is for 15% off in store use and the other for 10% off online. You should receive these around 2 weeks before your due date. The returns policy is a standard 90 day cut off. A huge bonus is that they will even refund if you don’t have a gift receipt.

The downside to Buy Buy Baby is that stores are not as widespread as Babies R Us, Target or Walmart. Keep this in mind if you have relatives or friend who will be shopping in store.

Get started with your Buy Buy Baby Registry Here.




  • Discounts – Receive complete codes and additional coupons for friend and family to use.
  • Diaper Subscription – Gift Givers can donate credits for money off future diaper purchases.
  • Shipping & Returns – Completely free no matter how much you order with 1 year to do it.
  • Cashback – The more you spend the more your receive back in gift vouchers. offers a great registry for online purchases. It’s similar to Amazon but with only baby products to choose from. If you love coupons and saving then this is the registry for you.

Similar to the other registries it comes with a 10% off completion discount. You get this around 6 weeks before baby arrives so everything is there in time for their arrival. We love that 2 weeks after you open the registry they give you a 15% voucher for family and friends to use. Not just one It’s one voucher code per address so you can even use it yourself for additional savings.

We love the very handy ‘dollar for diapers’ feature. This allows gift givers to add a few extra dollar to their purchase diaper credits. These credits can be used to buy disposable or cloth diapers, with discounts off. New parents spend around $500 per year on diapers, and it really helps cut down costs for your household.

Oh but the saving don’t end there! In addition to these fab discounts, the also run a cashback system. If you total purchases up to $500 you will receive 5% cashback to spend online. Then once that reaches $1000 you get 10% back.

This registry is the only one which offer free shipping for any purchases. Plus there return policy is a very generous 1 year cut off. Returns are free by using pre-paid printed labels.

Get started with your own baby registry by clicking here.

Choosing a Baby Registry

The Registries above are only 6 of the most popular to choose from. There are so many more, which can make it difficult to know where to register for baby items. Keep reading for some selection criteria you can measure a registry against to know if it’s right for you.


A registry with a large selection has many benefits. It will allow you to add all the essentials as well as non-essentials. Having a large selection for gift givers usually introduces a variety of prices. Some people may be on a tight budget or may want to splurge. It also give you a lot of choice should you need to return or exchange any items. Some online registry such as Amazon, allow you to add items from any website.


Most of the top registries will offer discounts off products from your list. The way they are offered will vary from completion coupons, cashback on purchase to friend and family discounts. Usually these discounts can only be used for a once off purchase, so keep them for those big ticket items. These coupons can save you hundreds of dollars especially if you are first time parents.


Costs can add up if you have to pay for shipping as well as the item. Most programs will offer free shipping over a certain amount. Also most programs with stores will allow you to buy online and collect in store.


This can make or break a registry for you. Parents often end up with multiples of items or need to exchange. Check how long you have to return the item. Usually baby registries give a generous 90 day or even a whole year. Read the small print so you know what you can return. Some stores will accept opened goods whilst others will only refund in new condition.


You should probably pick a registry which has a store close to you. That way you have the option of shopping in store and online. Some store also offer personal shoppers to help you choose items. Another handy feature is registries with apps which allow you to add items to your list by scanning in store. Remember not all your gift givers will want to buy online, so make sure your list is easy to access and convenient for friends and family.


Not a deal breaker but a nice touch. Some registries will offer you a goody bag full of samples and money off coupons. These are really handy to try out items without spending money. If you are a member of other loyalty program you often get additional gifts or features with your registry.

Customer Service

Check out what customer service they offer and is it registry specific? Good customer service will answer you questions promptly and sort out any issues you may have. The way you contact them is important. Do you need to call, email, web chat or go in-store. Consider if it will cost money for you to contact customer services.

Top Tip

If you find yourself unable to decide between two, why not register for both? That way you will get the benefits of each and improve the selection for gift givers.

baby gift

Advantages of Baby Registries

We highly recommend a baby registry if you want some control over your gifts for baby. Check out the main benefits of a baby registry.

Inspire Gift Givers – Family and friends love to give baby gifts. A registry gives them an idea of exactly what you want and reduce the number of random gift cards form the uninspired.

Prevent Duplicates – If people follow your list then you minimize getting too much of the same item and then having to return or exchange.

Reduce Unwanted Gifts – You may want a really specific item or simply avoid people wasting money on unwanted items. Having a registry can direct them toward useful gifts for your baby and get the exact item you want.

First Time Parents – Buying for you first baby can be really costly as you’ll need pretty much everything. You don’t need to go overboard but a good crib, pushchair or breast pump can be used for future children.

Better Returns – Gifts registries usually offer better returns policies compared to buying without. Extended and hassle free returns are a god send if especially if you get a lot of duplicates.

Get Essentials – If your quite minimalist you can you use registry to ask for the essentials rather than the extra. Start with the basics baby needs: eating, sleeping, diapering. A really practical baby gift is a diaper subscription service and will save you so much money of the years.

Pitfall of a Baby Registry

High End Items

Make sure you have a huge range of items to suit all budgets. Some people may want to give a gift but don’t have a lot to spend. Having too many high ticket items will push people to buy off list.

Lack of Surprise

If you prefer the surprise of gifts, or don’t mind friends and family having free reign then skip the registry for non-essentials. We would recommend having a registry for the basics and offering this to people who would like gift ideas.

Expecting Everyone to Use it

Not all your gift givers will use your baby registry. Whatever the reason don’t force them to use it or appear ungrateful off list gifts. Pushing your baby registry onto people can make you appear greedy. Inform friends and family you have one and leave it up to them as whether they use it or not.