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Need some baby registry inspiration? Then keep reading.

Buying for a new born can be completely overwhelming. There is so much choice it can be difficult to know what’s essential and what to skip. Stork Mama have brought you this registry guide to avoid the stress.

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What to Put On a Baby Registry CHECKLIST

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy everything on the list. What you need will depend on your family life. First time parents usually need to buy more than those who already have kids. We’ve broken it down into three categories of need:

Essentials – These are the basic things you will need for baby. If you want to buy the bare minimum then this is what every baby will use.

Wants – These items are not essential but will make your life a whole lot easier. Usefulness is dependent on your parenting style and some will suit you more than others.

Luxury – These are the items that are splurge gifts for baby. Ideal for gift givers who want to buy you big ticket items. Adding these to your baby registry means you can get a big completion discount if nobody buys it for you.

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What to Put On a Baby Registry

For Baby

This list contains pretty much everything you can buy for baby. That’s a lot of stuff, so we’ve broken it down into simple categories. You don’t need to take it all in at once so remember to bookmark or pin this page for future reference.


Decorate your baby’s nursery with all the things they need. These items will give baby a safe place to sleep and store their clothes, diapers, toys and keepsakes.


  • Blankets – Keep baby warm with layers of lightweight fabrics which allow air to circulate. The best blankets are the cotton cellular type which hospitals use. Fleece blankets are best for day time use as they can cause baby to overheat easily.
  • Crib – Essential for baby sleep. A good crib will last many children or convert to a toddler bed. If you plan to breastfeed then co-sleeping cribs are ideal.
  • Crib Sheets – These will cover the mattress and protect the top layer. Cotton sheets are great for all seasons.
  • Mattress – The crib will need a safe mattress. Most good mattresses will have a waterproof layer to prevent any diaper accident damaging the surface.


  • Crib Set– Match these to your nursery décor, and spruce up your crib. Most set include a quilt and sheets and crib skirt. For Safety reasons we do not recommend using cot bumpers on your baby’s crib.
  • Curtains – Keep the light out at night with some curtains. You may also want to consider a black out blind if baby’s nursery gets a lot of natural light.
  • Décor– Add finishing touches to your nursery theme with wall and furniture décor or decals.
  • Hamper – Baby will go through a lot of dirty clothes. Keep them out of sight until the next wash with a cute hamper to match your décor.
  • Hand/footprint kit – Capture precious memories of those tiny baby hands a feet. They grow so quickly, you’ll love to look back on them as you baby grows.
  • Hangers– If you have a closet you’ll need hangers for baby clothes. Opt for larger sizes as baby will grow out of smaller clothes quickly.
  • Keepsake box – Keep those little mementos safe and in one place in a cute little box.
  • Lamp – Great to use during wind down time or a bedtime routine. Using low light helps to get baby used to less light at night.
  • Memory book – Remember all those firsts, milestones and memoirs by organizing them into a baby book.
  • Mobile – Keep your baby content and soothe them with some gentle music.
  • Night Light – Soft lighting is essential for when you’re trying to be discreet during a 2am feed or nappy change. Also great for toddlers who dislike the dark.
  • Organizer– Keep handy items within reach. Most organizers are for door or wardrobe use.
  • Photo Albums – Store those treasured photos for years to come. You can pull this out when you’re introduced to their first love interest!
  • Piggy Bank – Teach your baby good habits and start them saving from birth.
  • Rug – Add a bit of warmth and an extra touch of theme to your nursery.
  • Sheet Saver – If your crib mattress is not waterproof, simply add a sheet saver to prevent stains from accidents.
  • Sleep positioner – Perfect for helping baby sleep on their backs. Also a great item for co sleeping by providing baby with a safe sleep space.
  • Storage Basket – Plenty of storage will never go amiss to storage baby’s bit and bobs.
  • Swaddle wrap – No need to stress about swaddle technique. Keep your baby wrapped tight to help them feel calm and soothed.
  • Toy Box – Your baby’s toy will take over if they don’t have a home to go to. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it fills up over the first years.


  • Bassinet – Perfect for baby rooming in with you for the first 6 months. A lot smaller than a crib and won’t leave baby feeling so exposed.
  • Nightstand – Great for using alongside a glider or a rocker. Store your feeding items in here for quick night feeds.
  • White noise machine – Proven to calm crying babies quickly, play this in the nursery for a peaceful night for you and baby.


You will spend a lot of time changing diapers, especially in the first few months. Choose a method that feels right for you and fits with your family life.


  • Diapers (Cloth or Disposable) – Cloth diapers are eco-friendly and overall save money but they are hard work. Disposables are convenient but overall costly and bad for the environment
  • Cotton Balls– All you need to clean up a dirty bottom is cotton wool and water. It’s kind on baby’s skin and doesn’t contain nasty chemicals.
  • Diaper Covers – To make a cloth diaper completely waterproof you’ll need a cover. This will prevent your baby’s clothes becoming soaked as they soil the diaper.
  • Liners– Cloth diapers require liners to make them easier to clean up mess. You can choose from paper or fleece liners.


  • Baby Powder – Old fashioned but helps dry out any creases. It keeps baby comfortable and prevents friction rash.
  • Baby Wipes – Handy for on the go, when you don’t have access to water. Clean up diapers, spit up or messy faces.
  • Changing Mat – Provides a soft, waterproof surface to prevent mess whilst cleaning up baby.
  • Dad Bag – Exactly the same as a diaper bag but suitable for men. Rucksack styles are great for men.
  • Diaper Bag – Be prepared for every eventuality on a trip out of the house. Modern diaper bags often come with handy travel change mats.
  • Diaper Cream Applicator – Apply your baby’s diaper cream quickly and easily with an applicator.
  • Diaper Pail– Disposable and cloth diapers can benefit from a diaper pail. Pop the dirty diaper in until the next wash or cut down the smell of disposables.
  • Diaper Sprayer– If using cloth diaper a sprayer helps you to blast of the worst of the baby poop down the toilet.
  • Diaper Stacker – Store your diapers in baby’s nursery without having ugly boxes or packs on show.
  • Rash Cream – Stop any nasty diaper rash in its tracks with a good barrier cream to hand.
  • Splatter Shield – Use alongside a diaper sprayer to prevent any wayward diaper contents being blasted across the room.
  • Swim Diaper – If you have a pool or want to take baby swimming, you’ll need a waterproof diaper. This will hold any accidents in without weighing baby down from the bottom end.
  • Wet Bag – Store any soiled wet diapers in a wet bag when you’re on the go. This will prevent them touching any of your diaper bag contents until you get home.
  • Wipe Holder– Great for on the go use. Great for preventing baby wipes from soaking the contents of your bag.
  • Wipe Warmer – Keep your baby wipes warm and minimize disruption to your sleepy baby. These also help prevent your wipes from browning once the pack is opened.
  • Natural Sponge – Sea sponge is a super soft alternative to wash cloths for your baby.


  • Changing unit – Save you back and have everything to hand for changing baby. Store all your diaper and baby hygiene items in the drawers or shelves.


For parents on the go you need some equipment to help you get baby out and about. Let’s take a stroll through gadgets that will make traveling a lot easier for you and baby.


  • Car Seat – If your baby will travel by car it need to use a car seat by law.  Car seats maximize your baby’s safety if you have an accident.
  • Baby Carrier – Keep your baby close and move around with them strapped to you. Bear wearing saving money, improves bonding and great for your baby’s development.


  • Stroller– Push your baby as you walk with a baby stroller. Baby can either sit or recline in a sleep position.


  • Body Support – Help to position your baby in their car seat. A body support offers more cushioning for a more comfortable journey.
  • Back Seat Mirror– Keep a close eye on your baby when you are driving. You’ll see what your baby is doing in a glance.
  • Car seat canopy – On those scorching hot days you’ll need to keep your baby cool in their car seat.
  • Car Seat Organizer – Store all your on-the-go essentials neatly in the car. This helps to keep them to hand when you need them.
  • Car Seat Protector– You’ll be taking the baby car seat in and out a lot. Protect the interior fabric form any scrapes or mess with a seat protector.
  • Car Sign– Let other drivers know you’ve got a baby on board.
  • Car Sun Shade – Prevent the sun glaring in your baby’s face. A car sunshade will keep the light minimized and the heat down.
  • Cup Holder– Handy if you love a good cup of coffee when you’re out and about. Attach it to the handle of your stroller for easy pushing.
  • Foot Muff– When the cold sets in during those winter months a foot muff will keep baby warm. You can also get baby carrier foot muffs.
  • Insect Net – Stop any nasty biting bugs in their tracks. Handy to have if baby is born in summer or you like to go camping.
  • Play Tray– Pop this onto the front of your stroller in front of baby. The tray helps keep toy in place so baby is content on your travels.
  • Rain Cover – Don’t get caught in a sudden downpour with your stroller. A rain cover will keep the rain out but you can still see in.
  • Shopping cart cover – Ensure your little one get a comfy seat each time you visit the store. This will provide a soft, warm and clean space for baby in the cart.
  • Strap Covers – Prevent harsh straps rubbing against your baby’s face with padded covers.
  • Stroller organizer – Another way to keep essentials close to hand. Can also help you to carrier heavy loads when on the go.
  • Sun Cover – Prevent your car seat from overheating and scolding baby. Pop this sun cover over and keep the seat cool until you need to use it.


  • Bike Trailer – For the adventurers who want to get baby active from a young age. Set up on the back of your bike and take baby for a spin.
  • Carry Cot – Your new-born baby will sleep a lot, so let them do it in comfort. Some carry cots can be strapped into the car as a replacement seat.
  • Stroller board– Ideal for those with older kids. Attach to the back of the stroller and let them ride along as you push.


Whether you choose breast or bottle you’ll find products to help make baby feeding easier. Then you’ll need to consider weaning to solid foods at around 6 months old.


  • Feeding Bottles– Used to feed your baby formula or expressed milk. You’ll find lots of different types to choose from.
  • Formula – This is dried milk powder suitable for babies to drink as an alternative to breast milk.
  • Nipples– Part of the bottle where baby sucks the milk from. Shapes and flows will vary to suit your needs as baby grows.


  • Baby Blender – For making your own baby food. A good blender will help see you through the puree to lumpy stages.
  • Baby cookbooks– Get lots of inspiration for baby meals and expand your baby’s tastes.
  • Baby Feeder – Great for safe baby led weaning on the go.
  • Bibs – Protect baby’s clothes from the mess of weaning.
  • Booster Seat – Can turn most chair into a high chair for baby weaning. Great if you eat out often or plan to travel a lot with baby. Best for older babies or toddlers.
  • Bottle Brush – Clean out milk from bottles quickly and easily without causing damage.
  • Bottle Warmer– Have a bottle ready at the right temperature for baby. A life saver during night feeds.
  • Bowls – Unbreakable bowls and plates for when baby is learning to eat.
  • Breast Pump – The perfect complement for breastfeeding. Allows you to express milk for times when you can’t feed baby directly at the breast.
  • Breastfeeding Cover – If public breastfeeding makes you uncomfortable a nursing cover can help you be more discreet. Modern day styles can look no different from an infinity scarf.
  • Burp Cloths – Your baby will spit up a lot. Burp clothes save your clothes and prevent stains.
  • Cooler Bag – Store expressed milk in a safe place until you can give it to baby.
  • Drying Rack– Washed bottles will take up a lot of space. Buy a drying rack for baby’s things so you know what still needs sterilized.
  • Highchair – Let your baby eat at table level and save your back when weaning. Highchairs give baby their own space to explore food.
  • Milk Storage – If you plan to express you’ll need containers to store your breast milk in the fridge or freezer.
  • Nursing Pillow – Give your arm and back support for successful breastfeeding. A nursing pillow can help you feed baby in different positions.
  • Nursing Stool – A footstool which helps to position your feet at the right level for a good nursing position.
  • Pacifier – A great way to soothe babies who are comforted by the suckling motion.
  • Sippy Cup – Teach your baby to drink from a cup without the mess.
  • Splat Mat – Save your carpets or floors from any splats
  • Spoons– Soft cutlery allows baby to develop their self-feeding skills without any accidents.
  • Sterilizer – Remove bacteria from all those items your baby puts in their mouth. This will cut down on baby catching any nasty bugs lurking.
  • Storage containers– If making your own baby food you’ll need some storage pots. Freezer pots are best for bulk cooking.


  • Baby Food Maker – Take the hassle out of making baby food and let a handy machine cook and blend it all in one.
  • Breast Pump Bag – For discreet pumping on the go, buy a breast pump bag so it looks like a regular handbag. Great for if you want to express when you return to work.
  • Formula Machine – Like a coffee machine but for formula. Take the hassle out of making bottles and let the machine do all the work for you.
  • Glider– A nursery glider gives you and baby a great space to breastfeed. A good glider will provide the support you need for good feeding positions.
  • Portable high chair – Similar to a booster chair but suitable for younger babies. Have a high chair to hand wherever you go.


Keep your little one clean and fresh with a regular bath time. Make it a safe and relaxing experience for all with these products.


  • Baby wash – You baby’s skin is very delicate and regular products can be too harsh on them. Look out for baby safe, pH friendly soaps and washes.
  • Towels– Get your baby into a good habit of having their own towels. Smaller towels will cut down on heat lost when drying baby.
  • Washcloth – Get into all those nooks and folds with a good old fashioned wash cloth.


  • Baby brush– Soft bristles will help free your baby’s hair of tangles and leave it looking neat and tidy.
  • Baby lotion– Prevent you baby getting dry skin by using a lotion. Babies with allergies are prone to suffer from eczema and dry skin.
  • Bath kneeler – Save your knees from the pain of kneeling on the hard bathroom floor.
  • Bath Mat – Will prevent any slips or sliding in the bathtub.
  • Bath Organizer – Keep all your baby’s bath time product in one easy to reach place by the bath.
  • Bath support – Hep your baby sit in a comfortable position without slipping around in the bath.
  • Bath thermometer– Make sure the bath temperature is at the right temperature to prevent burns or scalds to baby’s delicate skin.
  • Bath toys– For a little bit of bath time fun.
  • Bathtub– Use in any room of the house to wash baby. It helps to cut down on water waste from using your own bath.
  • Baby Massage oil– Promote bonding and prevent dry skin by regularly massaging your baby after a wash.
  • Nail clippers– Minimise scratches and pulled nails by keeping nails neat and tidy.
  • Rinse cup – An angled cup which make it easier to remove shampoo without getting water in your little ones eyes.
  • Baby Shampoo – Keep baby’s hair nice and clean with a baby safe shampoo.
  • Sink Tub – Also known as a folding tub, you can use these to bath baby in a sink. Handy for travel or saving you back from bending with a regular tub or baby bath.
  • Spout cover– Prevent your baby having any accidents from slips or hot water taps.
  • Toothbrush – Start brushing as soon as those first teeth pop through. A small, soft toothbrush can also help relieve gum irritation from teething.


  • Baby Jacuzzi– Pamper your baby with a spa bath. The bubbles and shower head with sooth baby and relax them.

Health and Safety

You’ll want a few things on hand should baby have an accident or illness. Baby proofing your home will prevent those curious little hands from incidents. These items will help get you started.


  • First Aid Kit – These are handy to have in the house and one for your diaper bag. The contents will see you through any minor ailments baby has.
  • Thermometer – Babies are prone to illness due to their young immune system. Checking baby’s temperature can let you know whether it’s a serious fever which require medical attention.


  • Baby Detergent – Look out for a detergent which is powerful yet sensitive on the skin.
  • Colic Relief– Settle your baby’s upset tummy with a little gripe water and massage.
  • Corner guards– Smooth out those sharp edges and prevent any nasty bumps if baby has a wobble.
  • Cupboard locks – Whether it’s glassware or chemicals you little one won’t be able to access item which can be dangerous to them.
  • Door Cushion – Prevent tiny finger being jammed in door by padding the edges and preventing door closing.
  • Furniture straps – Attach your furniture and appliances firmly in place to prevent them falling onto baby.
  • Humidifier – Helps to prevent dry skin and can help baby breathe easier for a good night’s sleep.
  • Medicine dispenser – A safe an easy way to get your baby to take their medication without fussing.
  • Nasal aspirator– Remove excess mucus and prevent coughs, upsets tummies or ear infections.
  • Room Thermometer – No more guessing if baby’s room is too hot or cold.
  • Safety Gate – Some babies learn to crawl up surfaces very early. You’ll need a stair gate to prevent baby climbing up or falling down your stairs.
  • Socket Covers – Electrical sockets are fair game for little finger and at the right level. Block them off with flat covers.
  • Sound Monitor – These are great for when baby transfers to their own nursery. Like a walkie talkie, you’ll be able to hear baby’s cries from another room.
  • Sun cream – Babies over 6 months old can use sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin from burning on hot days.
  • Teethers – Help baby soothe those sore gums with a teething toy. The surface will help to tackle the irritated surface and reduce the pain.
  • Teething Gel– Cool baby’s gums from the aches and pain for new teeth.
  • Toilet Seat Lock – Keep you baby away from playing with toilet water or touching any cleaning chemicals inside.


  • Baby care washer – Designed to wash baby clothes and cloth diapers. This machine washes the clothes well enough to prevent excess detergent irritating your baby’s skin.
  • Movement Monitor – These mattresses are designed to prevent SIDS by alarming if by sensing baby’s breathing and movement.
  • Task Reminder– If you’re rather forgetful a baby task reminder is like an electronic diary. It will record the last time baby fed, slept had a diaper change and more.
  • Video monitor – If a sound monitor isn’t enough then you can choose a video option. That way you can see exactly what your baby is up to without disturbing them.


Play is important for baby to learn. There are no essentials on this list as you don’t need any specialist toys to play with a baby. Everyday items can be used to entertain your little one. So let’s start with toys that would be nice to have.


  • Activity Center– Stimulate your baby’s senses with bright colors, sounds and various textures.
  • Baby Jumper– Help you baby develop their leg muscles with this fun playtime. Your baby will love to jump around and play.
  • Baby Floor Lounger – A soft and sculpted pillow or bean bag for baby to rest on.
  • Books – Essential for learning in life. Spark baby’s imagination from an early age with lots of fun stories. Regular story time gives you time to bond with baby.
  • Bouncer – Baby can sit safely whilst you go about you daily tasks. This is also a great place for quick naps during the day.
  • Floor Seat – Help strengthen your babies back muscles when they to the rolling over stage. These are ideal for traveling with baby.
  • Play Mat – Baby can get lots of tummy time on a play mat to prevent them developing flat heat. They will love to reach and roll around and strengthen their core muscles.
  • Toys – There are too many baby toys for us to list. You should choose toys which develop baby’s senses and dexterity.
  • Walker– If you want to help baby get around and simulate walking then opt for a baby walker. It’s important to ensure your house is baby proofed enough to use these safely.


  • Baby Swing – Your baby will be instantly soothed by the rocking motion.
  • Play Yard – Give your baby a safe place to play when you are busy in the house. Some play yard can be used as a travel crib or even a diaper changing unit.
  • Bicycle seat – Give your baby out and about on the bike with a front seat view. Perfect if your family loves to cycle or taking on holiday.


We haven’t included clothing on our list as most parents receive plenty of clothes from their gift givers. If you would like a basic list for you hospital bag we recommend:

  • 7 x sleepsuits
  • 5 x baby onesies (short sleeve or sleeveless)
  • 2 x hats
  • 3 x pair of socks
  • 2 x scratch mitts
  • 1 x jacket or pram suit

For Mom

Don’t forget about the postpartum items you’ll need. You’ won’t need as much as baby. The items on this list will really help you after baby arrives.


Regardless of the type of birth you have your body will still have aches and pains. These products are perfect for helping your body to recover quickly so you can start to feel like yourself again.

  • Abdominal binder– Can help your tummy to recover, especially if you have split your abdominal muscles during pregnancy.
  • Disposable underwear– Great for both vaginal and caesarean deliveries. No need to ruin your usual underwear. These are high waisted so they won’t dig into a C-section wound.
  • Donut Cushion – Take the pressure off the tenderness when sitting down. It’s also great for using if you have the occasional hemorrhoid flare up.
  • Lidocaine Spray – Take the edge off the pain of a tear, episiotomy or grazes by numbing it with a little spray.
  • Maternity Pads – You will bleed for a few weeks after baby is born. At first this will be like a heavy period so you’ll need heavy duty pads.
  • Perineal Pads – Cooling pads are great for soothing your swollen perineum after having baby.
  • Recovery Spray – A cooling mist spray can be used to reduce the heat and redness cause by swelling.
  • Sitz Bath – This provides a warm shallow bath for you tender lady bits after delivery. Use it for hygiene and pain relief.
  • Stool Softeners – Reduce the fear of opening your bowels post-delivery. As tool softener will prevent constipation or straining.


Breastfeeding your baby is natural, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the process a lot easier. These products will go a long way toward improving the experience for you.

  • Breast Pads – Soak up any leaking breast milk and save your clothes with absorbent breast pads. Choose from either disposable or washable pads.
  • Drinks – Breastfeeding makes you very thirsty. A good supply of drinks such as Gatorade will help you keep refreshed during a feed.
  • Nipple Cream – For those times when your nipples are tender r cracked. Soothe them back to health.
  • Nursing Bra – Essential for breastfeeding when out an about. Designed to clip down without having to Houdini out of your bra.
  • Nursing Tops– Allows for discreet feeding without showing too much flesh.
  • Thermal Therapy Pads – Heat them up to improve your milk let down. Cool them to reduce the pain of engorgement.

Free printable

I hope you found this list useful. You can print off the full list with this handy checklist. Click the image below to download your free PDF copy.