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Are you searching for the perfect unicorn gifts for babies?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.

These are Stork Mama’s top unicorn baby gifts, all of which are a great pick and I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

unicorn baby gift

10 Best Unicorn Gifts for Babies

1. Unicorn Baby Rattle

How adorable is this JellyCat baby rattle? Not only does it have a super soft plush, but it’s very easy for baby to hold on to. The rattle sound is really soft so it can be used to entertain baby or lull them to sleep with a rhythmic beat.

2. Unicorn Diaper Bag

Be the envy of your mom friends with this awesome unicorn diaper bag. This bag is like the Mary Poppins diaper bag, it’s deceptively roomy inside but looks really compact on the outside. You can use it as a backpack or a handbag, so it will look the part wherever you take your baby.

3. Pacifier Buddy

Stop the frantic search for a lost pacifier with a little unicorn buddy to hold on to it. The pacifier comes with the unicorn toy. However, most pacifier brands will attach if your baby has a favorite. Your baby will love the comfort of having a toy to find their binky.

4. Unicorn Cuddle Plush

If your baby doesn’t use a pacifier, then this unicorn soother blankie is a perfect alternative. The sweet unicorn design is perfect for little hands to snuggle into when they need some comfort. Plus, as it’s small and portable, it’s perfect for your little one to smell moms scent if you are separated for a few hours, e.g. daycare, NICU.

5. Baby Aspen Simply Enchanted Unicorn Hooded Spa Robe

This Baby Aspen unicorn robe will make your baby look adorable. I mean wouldn’t you love to wear a unicorn robe is you had the chance? This unicorn robe is perfect for wrapping up your little one after the tub and settling them with some hugs and lovely unicorn stories.

6.  Unicorn Munch Mitt


If your baby constantly has their hand in their mouth then this Unicorn Munch Mitt is perfect for them. IT’s perfect for when your baby is teething as the soft, but textured edge will provide comfort for your baby’s sore gums. The soft jersey mitt will help to mop up some of that pesky teething drool and be soft enough for against your baby’s skin. These mitts are also great if your baby is tube feed and tends to pull on tubes during a feed.

7. Ecotribe Wooden Unicorn Swing

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gift then this EcoTribe unicorn swing is ideal. The swing can be used indoors as cute nursery decor or outside for some fun garden play. This swing will provide hours of imaginative play involving royalty, castles and magic kingdoms. The age range is from 6 months, so it’s best to wait until baby can sit upright and unsupported before they can use this swing.

8. NoJo Unicorn Musical Mobile

Lull your baby t sleep with the dreamy NoJo Unicorn crib mobile. Your little one will become mesmerized by the darling plush unicorn slowly dancing in the sky above and soothing them into a peaceful sleep.

9. Labebe Unicorn Ride-On

Who wants a point when you can have a Labebe Ride On Unicorn? If your baby loves to rock back and forth, then they’ll adore this ride-on for their nursery. Not only is it very sturdy but the strap keeps them safe while looking like a little Princess the whole time.

10. Skip Hop Eureka Unicorn Baby Play Mat

Play mats are an ideal way for your baby to get play activities into their daily routine. Your little one will be enchanted by the bright colours, sounds and textures of this lovely Eureka Unicorn Activity Mat. This mat is ideal for overhead and tummy time play when they are babies, then provides a soft cushioned area for wibbly-wobbly play as they learn to sit by themselves.