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17 C-Section Recovery Essentials You Need To Heal Fast

What essential products do you need for a  c-section recovery? If you have a cesarean birth planned, it’s essential you prepare for the recovery. As with any major abdominal surgery, you’ll take a while to recover. After a C-section, you have to think about wound care as well as general postnatal recovery. Preparation is the key to a quick recovery. If you have things on hand for the post-op period, you’ll breeze through it. I’ve put together this list of C-section recovery items to aid you post-op healing. Pin it, so you have a handy list when packing your...

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9 Postpartum Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Pregnancy is fantastic, but it can take its toll on your body. Once your baby arrives, you’ll enter the postpartum period. It’s a difficult time for most moms who are exhausted and recovering from birth. As your body changes back to its non-pregnant state, it can throw a few curve balls. Most changes are minor or due to hormone changes, but others can be fatal if ignored. In the US 30% of maternal deaths occur postpartum. The worrying thing is this number is rising each year. Your body will show symptoms that you need help. Your caregivers will monitor...

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12 Surprising Things To Prepare For After Birth

Are you pregnant and nearing your due date? You’re probably psyching yourself up for the birth. Have you thought about what happens after your baby is born? What?! There is more come after baby is born? Let’s simplify it by saying that once your baby is out, your body is going to go through a lot of changes, very quickly. The reality is, you will be feeling like a hot mess. The first 24 hours after your baby is born, will be a whirlwind. Quite frankly, your body will throw everything at you. However, if you know what to...

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11 Ways to Cope with Postpartum Anemia

If you had a big blood loss at delivery you are probably now dealing with postpartum anemia. This will make you feel exhausted, irritable and downright rubbish. The postpartum period is already a hard slog with sleepless nights, constant feeds, poor diet and still having to run a household. If your iron levels are low it can affect your life beyond your health. Let’s look at ways you can deal with postpartum anemia. These are great tips if you’ve just given birth or you’ve had a big blood loss in a previous pregnancy. Pin For Later 11 Ways to...

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Best Kegel Exerciser Reviews for a Strong Pelvic Floor

What is the best kegel exerciser? When you think of exercise the last place you consider is your pelvic floor. Neglecting this area can lead to serious health problems after you have a baby. Pelvic floor exercises or ‘Kegels’ will help you strengthen the area. A Kegel training device can help to aid your exercise routine. Think of it as a piece of gym equipment; it adds a bit of oomph to your workout. Now there is a lot of choices out there so knowing where to start can leave you a bit confused. We’ve created this guide to...

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