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17 C-Section Recovery Essentials You Need To Heal Fast

What essential products do you need for a  c-section recovery? If you have a cesarean birth planned, it’s essential you prepare for the recovery. As with any major abdominal surgery, you’ll take a while to recover. After a C-section, you have to think about wound care as well as general postnatal recovery. Preparation is the key to a quick recovery. If you have things on hand for the post-op period, you’ll breeze through it. I’ve put together this list of C-section recovery items to aid you post-op healing. Pin it, so you have a handy list when packing your...

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9 Postpartum Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Pregnancy is fantastic, but it can take its toll on your body. Once your baby arrives, you’ll enter the postpartum period. It’s a difficult time for most moms who are exhausted and recovering from birth. As your body changes back to its non-pregnant state, it can throw a few curve balls. Most changes are minor or due to hormone changes, but others can be fatal if ignored. In the US 30% of maternal deaths occur postpartum. The worrying thing is this number is rising each year. Your body will show symptoms that you need help. Your caregivers will monitor...

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How To Relieve Constipation In Pregnancy

Are you having trouble with constipation in pregnancy? You’re not alone. Around half of pregnant women experience the bunged up feeling at some point. Constipation makes you feel uncomfortable and downright miserable. The good news is that a few simple changes can help give you some relief. You need to read this guide to relieving pregnancy constipation. It has everything you need to know, maybe even TMI! Pin this guide for later; you may read it when you are stuck in the loo. Pin for Later Constipation In Pregnancy Guide Am I constipated? Constipation is the term used to...

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Episiotomy Cut – Make an Informed Choice During Delivery

During your pregnancy, you’ve probably come across the term episiotomy. Or you’re clueless about what an episiotomy is. Let’s face it; you don’t want to even think of having your vagina cut. Unfortunately, it’s something you need to know about before you go into labor. An episiotomy isn’t something you can plan for. So you may be wondering why you need to learn about an episiotomy in pregnancy. The reason is informed consent. An episiotomy is a medical procedure that often has to be performed in emergency situations or at the height of labor. Both of these are situations...

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Labor and Delivery Survival Tips from 12 Pregnancy Pros

Having a baby is both scary and exciting, especially labor and delivery. Like most pregnant moms you’re hoping for a smooth and pain-free birth to welcome the arrival your little one. However now you’ve heard tales of three-day labors, see a video of a baby crowning and read about episiotomies your anxiety is beginning to skyrocket. How will it feel? When will it happen? Will you cope with the pain? This fear of the unknown can leave you paralyzed and out of control. Whether you are planning on a natural birth or having a planned cesarean, it’s normal to...

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