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9 Postpartum Warning Signs You Can’t Ignore

Pregnancy is fantastic, but it can take its toll on your body. Once your baby arrives, you’ll enter the postpartum period. It’s a difficult time for most moms who are exhausted and recovering from birth. As your body changes back to its non-pregnant state, it can throw a few curve balls. Most changes are minor or due to hormone changes, but others can be fatal if ignored. In the US 30% of maternal deaths occur postpartum. The worrying thing is this number is rising each year. Your body will show symptoms that you need help. Your caregivers will monitor...

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9 Easy Ways To Free Up Time To Take Care Of Yourself

Is your schedule so full that you struggle to take care of yourself? As Moms, we often stretch ourselves so far between family, friends, home, and work. You’re too busy dedicating all your time to everyone else but yourself. You need more hours in the day. Well, that’s a sure-fire sign you need to take time out for yourself. Self-care is an essential part of a happier life, especially when you’re a mom. Self-care is the general term given to different aspects of our life. Including the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental things. Although that seems like a...

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How To Relieve Constipation In Pregnancy

Are you having trouble with constipation in pregnancy? You’re not alone. Around half of pregnant women experience the bunged up feeling at some point. Constipation makes you feel uncomfortable and downright miserable. The good news is that a few simple changes can help give you some relief. You need to read this guide to relieving pregnancy constipation. It has everything you need to know, maybe even TMI! Pin this guide for later; you may read it when you are stuck in the loo. Pin for Later Constipation In Pregnancy Guide Am I constipated? Constipation is the term used to...

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Pap Smear Test – Tips For When You’re Overdue

Does your heart sink to the moment you get the appointment reminder for the dreaded pap smear test? Yep mine too. Well, we’re not the only ones who dread them. Apparently, 8 million suitable women in the USA are overdue for a pap smear. The trouble is pap smears are life-saving. More importantly, they are lifesaving for moms. Cervical cancer mainly affects women of child-bearing age. That means most women who are diagnosed have children. Or need a hysterectomy before they can have children. I developed this guide to be your pap smear sergeant cheerleader. The aim is to...

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Leg and Foot Care during Pregnancy

In pregnancy it’s natural for you to focus on your growing bump. Unfortunately, that means that you may be neglecting anything below the waist. Leg and foot care during pregnancy is important for your health. Your rioting hormones and extra weight can do a number on this area. There are a number of ailments your legs and feet can suffer from during pregnancy. This guide is here to help you care for your legs in pregnancy. Let’s get started. Pin For Later Leg and Foot Care during Pregnancy 1. Swollen Legs and Feet Excessive swelling is also known as...

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