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Flat Or Inverted Nipple Breastfeeding Guide

Are you worried about breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples? Just like breasts, our nipples come in all shapes and sizes. Your nipples are designed to stick outward when touched, stimulated by your hormones, or cold. This shape makes it easy for baby to latch onto your breast and start sucking. Around 10% of women have a nipple shape which benefits from a few tricks to aid breastfeeding. This guide is to help inform you about tips and techniques to breastfeeding with flat or inverted nipples. Knowing this advice in pregnancy can prepare you to avoid breastfeeding attachment problems....

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Breastfeeding after A C-Section – New Moms Guide

Are you worried about breastfeeding after a C-section birth? A caesarean delivery will not stop you from breastfeeding your baby. However, your post-surgery recovery can make things a little more challenging. We’ve written this guide for you to discover what you need to know about getting breastfeeding off to a great start after your caesarean. Pin for Later Guide to Breastfeeding after A C-Section The Unplanned C-Section Around 30% of babies in the USA are born by emergency c-section. A traumatic delivery can result in mixed feelings surrounding the birth of your baby. It’s not uncommon to feel disappointed,...

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Breastfeeding Engorgement – How to Relieve Engorged Breasts

Engorgement is one of the most uncomfortable thing you can experience whilst breastfeeding or expressing. Your breasts are hard, swollen, heavy and hot, much like someone has stuffed two melons into your breasts. In this article we’ll discuss What is breastfeeding engorgement? What causes engorgement? How to prevent engorgement How to relieve your engorged breasts Pin For Later What is Breast Engorgement? Engorgement is a normal part of breastfeeding which occur when your breasts are overfilled with breast milk. Think of is as natures ‘warning system’ that baby either needs to feed now or is not feeding well enough...

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Avoid Breast Pumping Pain When Expressing

Even if you have sensitive breasts, using a breast pump should never hurt. If using your breast pump is causing you pain you must stop immediately. Pain or discomfort when pumping can inhibit your let down reflex and lead to little or no milk being expressed. It’s easy to damage the tissue around your breast or nipples and cause long lasting damage. We’ve uncovered the most common reason for breast pumping pain and how you can resolve it. Pin For Later Avoid Breast Pumping Pain 1. Poor Suction Check your pump brand and model and find out the suction...

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Feeding a Newborn Breast Milk Without a Bottle

If your baby cannot feed directly at the breast, there a variety of methods to feeding a new-born expressed breast milk. Bottle feeding is the most common method, but depending on your situation or concerns, this may not be the most suitable. Your baby may have difficulty suckling, or you may not want to risk nipple/teat confusion if baby can nurse at the breast. The right method for feeding a newborn expressed milk should be: Safe and suitable for baby Easy to use Affordable Help baby continue or learn to breastfeed Pin For Later 4 Alternative Methods for Feeding...

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