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What are the best stainless steel baby bottles?

When it comes to choosing baby bottles there are so many factors to consider. If finding a plastic-free bottle is a priority for you then you’ll want to consider alternatives. You may already know the two other baby bottle options: glass or stainless steel.

You’re reading this article because you’re interested in finding out more about stainless steel baby bottles (click here for more on glass baby bottles). Keep reading to discover the advantages, disadvantages and the basics of buying stainless steel bottles.

We’ve also researched the best stainless steel baby bottles available on the market, so you can find one that’s right for you. Check out our favorites.

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Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottles | Find the best stainless steel baby bottles as an alternative to plastic. These baby bottles are Eco friendly and better for your babie health. Stork Mama

Top 5 Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

1. Kid Kanteen – Klean Kanteen

Our favorite stainless steel bottle for ease of use is the Kid Kanteen from Klean Kanteen. Made from a food-grade stainless steel which is polished inside, these bottles won’t distaste the milk or hold on to milk smells. We love the proportions of this bottle, available in 4 or 9oz sizes, they are perfectly curved and wide enough for filling and for baby to grip. The lack of hard to reach edges makes it much more hygienic as there is nowhere for bacteria to hide when cleaning. Plus they are dishwasher safe for super quick cleaning.

The width of the bottles makes it difficult to interchange with brands of nipples. Yet the teats are great performers, sturdy silicone to prevent collapsing, with an anti-colic vent for airflow. These bottles are very easy to heat and can easily reach perfect temperature after 30 seconds in a jug of hot water.

The biggest drawback of these bottles is that unfortunately, they don’t convert to a sippy cup as baby grows. For the price of the bottle, it would be a great feature for Klean Kanteen to add.

2.  Pura Kiki

If you’re looking for a stainless steel bottle to grow with your baby check out the Pura Kiki. You can use these bottles for newborns and adapt to a sippy cup or food container for toddlers. Available in plain steel or a range of bright colors to add some interest to feeding time. We particularly love that the collars of these bottles are also constructed from steel, unlike the plastic collars you get with some steel or glass bottles.

The nipples are wide and sturdy, but we find they are slightly fast flowing. If you need to use a slower flow, you can interchange the nipples with any of the Born Free, Dr. Browns, and Think Baby ranges.

The biggest disadvantage of using these bottles is that they are don’t offer convenience when cleaning. They are advised to be hand wash only and can cause peeling to the pain if maintained otherwise. If you opt for these, we recommend buying the natural steel to prevent this from happening.

3. Pacific Baby 3-In-One Bottle

If it’s an insulated baby stainless steel bottle you’re after then the Pacific Baby 3-In-One Bottle is our top pick. This design of the bottle will keep 7oz of fluids hot or cold for up to 10 hours. This bottle is really durable and comes in a range of funky patterned designs.

The highlight of this bottle is its well thought out design. It has a wide neck with imprinted inside measurements so you can easily see how much is in the bottle. Again this makes the bottle super easy to clean inside, and it’s also dishwasher friendly for quickness. If you prefer other branded nipples these wide neck bottles are compatible with the following brands: Avent (Classic and Natural), Difrax, Born Free, MAM, Pigeon and Dr. Brown Natural Flow.

We were a bit miffed that this bottle is named a 3-in1 bottle considering that you need to buy the additional lids separately. It’s a bit disappointing as you’d think with the hefty price tag on these bottles these lids would be supplied. If this doesn’t bother you, then you can convert this cup from a baby bottle to a sippy and then to a child water bottle.

4. thinkbaby of Steel

Thinkbaby focuses on offering baby safe toxin free alternatives, and their stainless steel baby bottle is a great option. The thinkbaby of steel scores highly for those on a budget at around hold to a third of the price of the bottles listed above.

This bottle is also great for those on the go as it travels really well. Its travel top lip clips into place and prevents the likelihood of any spillages when stored in your bag. If you’re worried about your young one holding a hot steel bottle, there is the option to use a neoprene sleeve over the bottle.

Do note that if you plan to use this bottle with the handle attachment it is known to cause leaks. Otherwise, the bottle does perform really well, but we recommend you avoid the handles or opt for go for one of the conversion bottles above.

5. organicKidz Baby Grows Up

Searching for a bottle kit to see you through from newborn to grade school at an affordable price? Check out the Baby Grows Up stainless steel bottle from organicKidz. It’s a great kit which comes with three nipples (different flows), sippy spout, handle collar, sealing disk, and a stainless steel lid.

For baby, these bottles come with peristaltic nipples, which means the airflow is redirected to prevent it being caught up in the bottle and making baby gassy. If you don’t like the nipples provided you can swap them over with other brands including Avent, Mam, Nubby Non-Drip, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow, Think Baby, Chicco Anti-Colic Silicone, Born Free, and Nuk.

A disadvantage with the design of this bottle is that the stainless steel cap doesn’t screw or click on to the bottle. This may be a deal breaker for you as it means there is a higher chance of leaks. This won’t be a problem if you plan to use these at home, but it’s they are a big no-no for traveling about.

Stainless Steel Bottle Basics

When parents are choosing baby bottles stainless steel are often passed over for plastic or glass bottles. In fact, stainless steel baby bottles bridge the gap of the problems parents have using the latter options. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using stainless steel bottles.

Advantages of using a stainless steel baby bottle

Chemical free

A toxin free alternative to plastic bottles is one of the biggest advantages of using stainless steel bottles. Made from ultra-polished metal, stainless steel doesn’t leech any chemical and isn’t porous so won’t hold onto sour milk smells.


Stainless steel has the upper hand over the glass as a plastic-free alternative when it comes to breakage. If dropped, a stainless steel bottle won’t break. This is an important feature as older babies tend to throw bottles around, plus some daycare centers won’t refuse to use glass baby bottle for safety reasons.


We’ve discussed break-ability, but did you know that steel is difficult to scratch or dent? This makes them extremely long lasting and unlikely to need to be replaced whilst you baby uses bottles. It’s not uncommon to be able to use stainless steel bottles for more than one child, just replace the nipples.


Stainless steel is naturally bacteria resistant, that’s why catering businesses use it. It’s also scratch resistant this it difficult for bacteria to grow in the hidden parts of the bottles. Often stainless steel bottles are curved to ensure they can be easily cleaned. Plain steel bottles are usually dishwasher safe, to make washing quicker.


Stainless steel is recyclable, and chances are your baby’s bottle will be made from recycled steel. If you’re trying to be Eco-friendly it reassuring to know that you can recycle, rather than adding to the landfill.

Temperature control

The main concern with stainless steel is that they think the bottle will be too hot for baby. Actually, this is a safety feature as the temperature on the outside will be the same on the inside. If the bottle is too hot to touch then the milk is too hot for your baby to drink. Also, you can’t heat steel in the microwave, so it prevents any caregiver doing so and potentially scalding your baby’s mouth.

Disadvantages of using a stainless steel baby bottle


It’s difficult to see how much liquid is in a bottle as you can’t see through the material. Some stainless steel baby bottle have internal markings, it’s a really handy feature to look out for.


The drawback of looking for a plastic alternative is that you often have to pay a premium for the best performers. Stainless steel bottles can range from around $10- $30 per bottle.


Compared to plastic bottles, stainless steel is a lot heavier for your little one to hold. Using a silicone or neoprene sleeve over the bottle can help your baby to have a better grip of the smooth bottle.

Not freezer friendly

Don’t ever use stainless steel to store your breast milk in the freezer as the expansion of the milk can cause the structure of the bottle to deform. If your bottle comes with a warranty it may void it if you use in the freezer.

Using Stainless Steel Bottles


Stainless steel bottle heat really quickly so you can easily heat under a hot tap or in a jug of warm water. They are also safe to use in electric bottles warmers.
You should never heat any bottle of milk in the microwave, especially a stainless steel bottle as it will break your microwave.

You will be able to test the temperature of the milk by feeling the outside of the bottle. Wait until it feels neither hot or cools to touch before given to your baby. Check out our article on baby bottle warmers for more information on warming milk for your baby.


Wash you stainless steel bottles  just as you would with plastic or glass bottles. I recommend you wash with hot soapy water and a bottle brush will ensure a thorough clean and ensure all milk residue is removed. Hand washing increases the longevity of the bottles and decreases the chance of any damage to the bottles.

Some bottles are dishwasher safe if you prefer not to hand wash. I recommend you place the bottle on the top rack only.


You can sterilize stainless steel bottles with cold water sterilization, boiling or an electric steam sterilizer. Never place your stainless steel bottle into a microwave sterilizer or you will break your microwave.