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Are you looking for the best pumping bra to use with your breast pump?

Expressing milk can take up a lot of time in busy day. How about pumping whilst you after your toddler, do the dishes, send emails or put on a load of washing.

A good hand free pumping bra can give you the best of both worlds, and make you feel like super mom.

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Best Pumping Bra For Breastfeeding | Find the best hands free breast pump bra to make expressing a lot easier. Read my reviews and buying guide. Stork Mama

Now when it comes to buying a pumping bra you’ll have a lot of choice. That’s not a bad thing, but you may not know where to start.

I’ve researched all you need to know about buying a pumping bra. It’s crammed into this handy, one-stop buying guide, so you don’t need to waste time looking for what you need.

In this guide you’ll find:

  • 6 Best Pump Bra Reviews
  • Pumping Bra Buying Guide
  • Benefits of a Pumping Bra

Let’s start by looking at my favorite pumping bras.

6 Best Pumping Bra Reviews

1. Simple Wishes Pumping Bra

  • Style: Bandeau
  • Colors: Black, Soft Pink
  • Sizes: XS-L or XL Plus (flexible sizing)

Suitable for Nursing: No

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Simple Wishes Pumping bra is the most popular one to buy online. This bra is highly rated as it offers amazing support.

It works well because of the two layers of supportive fabric which doesn’t sag, even when holding two full collection bottles.

The style of opening makes it suitable to use with all popular breast pumps. This bra is adjustable and fits most sizes.

The back fastening is Velcro and the front fastening is a zipper. If you need extra support it comes with removable multi-way straps.

It’s quick and easy to put on over the top of a nursing bra. Plus it’s machine washable for easy cleaning.

This bra is made from a thicker fabric, (for support) which means it’s harder to massage the breast. It’s not impossible but a little trickier than some of our other top picks.

Plus the dual opening means it’s not suitable to use as a nursing bra. It’s reasonably priced compared to other pump bras and you should get one for under $35.

2. Rumina Relaxed Pumping Bra

  • Style: Full Bra
  • Colors: Black, White, Nude
  • Sizes: 5 Sizes from XS to XL

Suitable for Nursing: Yes

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Rumina Pumping bra is perfect if you want a nursing bra that also suitable for pumping.

The 2 in 1 design will save you a lot of money from having to buy two separate bras. Plus it will save you time from having to switch between bras when using your pump. 

The bra design is simple and seamless, so you can even use it as a sleep bra. The support is light to moderate, giving it a bit more flexibility than the Simply Wishes Bra. 

The two-layer fabric system will fit most breast pump horns. We love that this bra allows the flexibility of pumping, nursing, breast massage, and hand expressing.

The biggest downside to this bra was that it does start to sag when the milk bottle fill. You may need to use this bra when you are doing seated tasks with little pull from gravity.

This pumping bra is also reasonably priced and you should get it for around $30.

3. Dairy Fairy Ayla

  • Style: Full Bra
  • Colors: Black, cream, pink, grey
  • Sizes: 6 Sizes from XS to XXL to fit sizes 30A-40G

Suitable for Nursing: Yes

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Dairy Fairy Ayla Bra is hands down the best design of all our picks. The lace fabric makes you feel like you’re wearing regular, pretty underwear rather than a frumpy nursing bra.

If you have a larger chest your benefit from the supportive underwire. The bra is worn just like a regular nursing bra with a hook closure to adjust to size.

 There is an overlap of fabric that slips down to insert the breast pump flange. This does leave a ‘ridge’ under your tops, just so you’re aware if you prefer a seamless look.

The support is firm, and won’t sag or lose suction as the bottle fill. As it’s a dual pump and nursing bra, you can feed, pump, and massage with ease.

Expect to pay the price for the amazing combination of design and function.

This bra will set you back around $55. If you can afford it, do splash out as it’s more than worth the money.

4. Pump Ease Bra

  • Style: Bandeau
  • Colors: 13 different colors and patterns
  • Sizes: Small, medium, large, x-large to fit sizes 32AA-48H

Suitable for Nursing: Yes

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Pump Ease bra is very highly rated by other moms. The range has a large selection of fun, rockabilly, and classic designs, it’s hard to choose which one to pick.

Dr. Sears commented how the patterns can help to develop your baby’s eyesight. The opening is just a simple split layer, which means it’s suitable for all breast pumps.

Getting the right bra size is important as it a hook closer which isn’t adjustable once the bra is on.

We would highly recommend this for moms pumping at work as you can wear it over a nursing bra. Plus it’s very portable to carry in a pump bag without being bulky.

This bra is moderately supportive, once the bottles start to become full, they will need support. Otherwise, the bra will sag and you’ll lose pump suction.

You can use this bra whilst nursing, however, you need to pull your nipple through the opening. We wouldn’t recommend doing this often as restricting the breast tissue can lead to blocked ducts.

A pump ease bra costs around $40 to buy.

5. Lactamed Simplicity Bra Kit

  • Style: Strap Bra
  • Colors: 12 colors
  • Sizes: One Size fits all

Suitable for Nursing: Yes

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Lactamed Simplicity bra kit is the perfect budget pumping bra. This is perfect if you want to skip the bells and whistles and just want a quality, functional pump holder.

You don’t need to worry about finding the right size as it’s fully adjustable to fit all sizes. It’s designed to use with your regular nursing bra.

It’s so simple to use, place it over your top and quickly adjust the toggles to hold the breast pump horns in place.

The toggle adjusts making it suitable to use with any breast pump, and won’t sag as it fills as you can pull it tighter. The lack of fabric means that nursing baby and massaging are easy to do whilst you pump.

The main issue this simplicity bra is durability due to the lack of material. There is a bit of a learning curve to use it, although there are instructions and videos to learn how to do it all at first.

The Lactamed Simplicity bra costs around $15 to buy, although some colors may cost a few dollars more.

6. Pump Strap

  • Style: Bandeau
  • Colors: Beige, Black, Pink, Purple, Turquoise
  • Sizes: XS – XXXL

Suitable for Nursing: Yes

Suitable for Massage: Yes

Our Verdict

The Pump Strap is the highest-rated bra on our list. The bra is made from a thick band of thick neoprene. This makes it very support for even breast pumps with thicker sizes pump horns.

The material is machine washable, but also easy to spot clean between uses. With a velcro back it can be adjusted to fir most sizes ranging from an A to J cup.

For larger chest sizes it has a removable strap for extra support. It’s really durable and they even offer a one-year guarantee on the velcro.

The band is designed to help with breast compression and massage to get more milk during your pump.

The large openings also make it easy to nurse your baby on one side as you pump on the other.

This bra isn’t really discreet and can get quite hot. We wouldn’t advise you wear it all day. You’ll need to put it on and take it off with each pump session.

However, it is really quick and easy to wear alone or over a nursing bra.

The pump strap bra costs just under $33 to buy.

Pumping Bra Buying Guide

Before you buy your pumping bra you should know which features are available to help you choose between brands. The bra which scores high in the areas important to you will be the best match for you.

Bra Type

There are three different types of pumping bra. The one type you need will depend on what you need from your breastfeeding lifestyle.

Pump only – This type of pumping bra is one that is only really suitable to use when pumping milk. If you want a pumping bra to use only when your baby is not around e.g. returning to work, then this is the type to get.

Nursing – If you like to pump and breastfeed at the same time, you need a dual-purpose pump bra. These bras will be designed to have easy access to the breast for your baby to feed and able to hold a pumping horn.

Massage – Breast massage during a feed helps to release more milk. Look out for a pumping bra that is suitable for massage, they are usually made from thinner fabric or have little coverage.


You can get your pumping bra in a variety of styles, let’s look at the benefits of each one.

Bandeau – This is a pumping bra intended to be used over a regular nursing bra. Rather than wearing all day, they are designed to be put on only when you pump. They are usually the most supportive but take time to put on and take off.

Bra – These bras are dual-action as a nursing bra and a pumping bra. They are simple to use as you can just pump straight away. You can also easily nurse at the same time. The downside is they don’t offer as much support as a bandeau or strap.

Strap – This type of bra is a made of thin strap and adjuster to hold your pump in place. They are easy to use and often the most affordable option. The downside is they lack durability and don’t offer any coverage when pumping.


The Fit of a pumping bra is important to how it performs when you use it with your pump.

Size – Obviously any bra you buy will need to fit your bra size. If you have a smaller or larger chest you may be restricted by the brands you can buy.

Adjustability – You will want a nice snug fit from your bra to keep it in place. This is important as the weight of a full bottle holds down on it. Options for adjustment include velcro or toggles, depending on the bra type you buy.

Fastening – The type of fastening may affect how comfortable or easy the bra is to use. Popular fastening includes velcro and hooks and plastic clasps. Some bras are slip-on, with no fastener.

Ease of Use

Consider how easy the bra will be to use in everyday life. If it’s not practical for regular use it’s not the right fit for you.

Wear – Do you need to wear your bra under your clothes, or do you have the chance to put it over clothes before using it? This is important to consider if you’re using the bra in public places such as work.

Portability – If you need to carry the bra around with you does it need to be compact? A thick bandeau will take up a lot of space in a bag compared to a strap bra.

Pump compatibility – It’s important to make sure your breast pump horn (or flange) will fit through the bra opening. Most regular-sized horns for popular models will. You may use a larger-sized horn for your pump, so make sure it’s compatible.


The design of the bra is important, especially if you need to use it often.

Support – This is essential if you want the bra to provide you with hands-free pumping. Thick supportive fabric will hold onto full collection bottles, without you losing suction for the pump, or sagging the bra.

Coverage – If you need to be discreet when pumping you need coverage from your bra. Bandeau’s and full bra style provide most coverage with almost no breast or nipple showing. Strap bras give almost no coverage and will need to be used with a nursing bra or vest to make them more discreet to use.

Style – You may want a bra that is a little more than a boring piece of white fabric. You can get some really lovely patterns and designs which are fun or pretty to wear.


The materials of the bra will make a huge difference to how you feel when you wear it.

Comfort – This is important, especially if you need to wear it all day. Cotton bras are great for keeping your breast cool and comfortable. Strong, supportive pump bras are better for short-term use and may be quite uncomfortable to wear over long periods.

Quality – When you are paying good money for a pumping bra you want it to last. You may get a bra for a bargain price but it may be of poor quality, then you end up paying more overall.

Machine washable – For convenience, a pumping bra that is machine washable will save a lot of time. Good laundry care will help your bra to last longer.

Benefits of a Pump Bra

Pumps bras are a fairly new piece of mom gear, but they can totally change your pumping life. Let’s look at the reasons pump bras are pretty awesome.

Hands-Free Pumping

The main reason most moms buy a pumping bra is to free up their hands. Chasing after toddlers, putting on makeup, or even pumping whilst driving, are all possible. It frees up so much of your time by tackling two tasks at once.

Discreet Coverage

When you are pumping in public places, you’ll want to be more discreet. Using a pumping bra with coverage means that there is minimal embarrassment should someone accidentally walk in on you as you pump. Your modesty will be intact, and you’ll be least worried about the possibility as you pump.

Prevent Arm Ache

A pump session can last around 20-30 minutes. That means holding collection bottles to your breast the whole time. Staying in that position can lead to arm ache as moving can make you lose suction.

Easy Double Pumping

Attempting to double pump is quite fiddly without a pumping bra. It often ends up quite messy as you try to fiddle with the pump controls and position the pump horns at the same time.

Pump and Feed

If you like to breastfeed and pump at the same time a pumping bra can make it easier. Slip the pump on one side and your hands are free to tend to your baby or change their position during a feed.

Hands-on Pumping

This is a method of pumping that gets a greater yield. The idea is that you massage your breast and hand express before, during, and after expressing. A pumping bra frees up your hands to do this on both breasts to get as much milk as possible from each session.