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Looking for the best postpartum underwear?

Who knew that buying underwear after you’ve had a baby would be so confusing?

So many choices: mesh underwear, disposable underwear, compression underwear.

And don’t even think about using your regular panties unless you want to have to replace them all.

Think about it, you probably have a separate set of underwear you use for period days, right?

And your postpartum underwear needs just as much consideration.

As your first layer of clothing, postpartum underwear will protect your tender tummy after birth and cope with your postpartum bleeding.

During those tender few days, you want your choice to be the right one.

What is the best postpartum underwear? First, check out this list of 5 top options that other moms rate.

ANY of the 5 Postpartum panties on the list are great options that you should be very happy with.

5 Best Postpartum Underwear Reviews

1. Fruit of the Loom Beyond Soft Panties

Pros: inexpensive, very comfortable, soft, durable, machine washable

Cons: big made, thin waistband

Our Verdict

The Fruit of the Loom Beyond Soft Briefs are a great inexpensive option for postpartum use. The cotton and polyester fabric is very soft and comfortable to wear.

The full brief style makes them sit very high up on your tummy. This is perfect for that first couple of weeks until your tummy shrinks back down.

We found them suitable for use after both natural and C-section births. They are easy to wash and are suitable for the machine.

For a great price, you get 6 pairs of panties in a range of nice modern colors. Beware as these pants do run large and they won’t shrink much in the wash.

2. Always Discreet, Incontinence Underwear

Pros: discreet, no need for pads, convenient, comfortable

Cons: scented, not eco-friendly

Our Verdict

The best disposable postpartum underwear has to be Always Discreet disposables. These act like underwear and a pad in one. No need to deal with leaks or stains panties, just dispose of them once you’re finished.

These postpartum panties are the best solution if you want convenience after having your baby. They’re great to wear in the hospital until you get home, so no need to bring home dirty underwear.

The material is non-woven so no need to worry about pulling your stitches. Plus, because they are thin, they are super discreet to wear, so won’t leave you feeling self-conscious about looking like you’re wearing a diaper.

We would highly recommend these, even just for night use, so you don’t leak any blood onto your bedsheets.

If you want more tips on how to save your bed sheets postpartum check out postpartum proof bed guide.

3. UpSpring Baby C-Panty

Pros: protects your scar, helps to heal, reduces swelling, comfortable

Cons: expensive, sizing

Our Verdict

If you have a c-section birth you’ll love the Upspring Baby c-Panty.  To heal quickly after a cesarean section you want to make sure you have good blood flow and reduce the swelling. This underwear will help you do that as they are made from compression-grade material. 

Protecting your incision site is a real worry with postpartum underwear. You don’t want anything that will irritate, rub or pull at your stitches. This underwear has an area of silicone gel lined right where your incision site will be to help your wound heal quickly.

Your whole tummy benefits from the compression as these are high-rise postpartum underwear. Not only does this design provide you with a bit of postpartum binding but it protects your wound by stopping your underwear from rolling or bunching.

Moms who have worn these post section swear by them. The biggest concern was the price tag, but they are worth investing in at least one pair.

4. Intimate Portal Maternity Under Bump Panties

Pros: low rise, breathable cotton, comfortable, easy wash

Cons: not suitable for C-section, sizes run small

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for an alternative to full coverage postpartum underwear then the  Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Panties are a great option.

Unfortunately, the postpartum period is a time you need to wear panties and pads, even if you don’t normally do so. This can make you feel really uncomfortable.

These panties are a great compromise. You’ll have enough fabric to support a maternity pad, without all the excess fabric that can bunch and roll.

The band sits just under your hip line and is quite discreet under clothes. The breathable, cotton fabric makes them very soft and can aid the recovery of any perineal stitches.

I wouldn’t recommend these if you have a C-section as you’ll have no protection over your wound which can slow your healing.

5. Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear

Pros: breathable fabric, soft and comfortable for vaginal and C-section births

Cons: sizes run small

Our Verdict

The Kindred Bravely High Waist Postpartum Underwear is one of the best options for all types of delivery. The material is so soft and easy to wear, which is great for vaginal or abdominal stitches.

These panties offer a good level of coverage. Plus they are also pretty cute compared to other options on the best list.

The material is breathable so that you won’t get hot and sweaty with them on. That’s really important to let air circulate around any wounds to help them heal.

This underwear offers a good level of support without being too tight. The seams are well made and don’t dig in or roll down.

I do recommend opting for the size above your normal, as the leg hole fit is slightly smaller.

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The Best Postpartum underwear reviews for after birth.

Postpartum Underwear Basics

Types of Postpartum Underwear

Underwear comes in a range of styles each with its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at each type to find the one which suits you best.

Disposable Postpartum Underwear

As the name suggests these are single-use only underwear. You can buy them as a single mesh panty or as incontinence panties which double as maternity pads.

This style is very lightweight to wear and convenient for use in the hospital or nighttime.

You don’t need to worry about washing them or dealing with bloodstained underwear or linen.

This type is fine for short-term use, and we would recommend them for the first week after your baby arrives.

Full Brief Postpartum Underwear

A full brief panty can be work both when you are pregnant and once you’ve had your baby.

These pants are large and offer full coverage usually above your belly button. An elasticated fiber is a good feature as it allows the underwear to grow and shrink with you.

Full briefs offer support all over your tummy as well as protecting a C-section would without seams rubbing.

They also provide good support for maternity pads.

Compression Postpartum Underwear

This type has a strong and supportive fabric that compresses your abdomen.

These are similar to a postpartum girdle but with less compression. These can benefit you by improving your blood flow, helping your muscles to recover, and reduce swelling.

Compression underwear offers full-length coverage, reaching just underneath your breasts.

This can be used as shapewear to smooth out your lump and bumps to get back into your regular clothing.

Hipster Postpartum Underwear

No they don’t wear non-prescription glasses or have beards!

They are a low-rise style that sits on or below the hips. This type of panty gives minimal coverage.

For women who don’t want to wear underwear that cover their whole tummy, it provides enough fabric to hold a pad in place.

This style is discreet and lightweight to wear.

We don’t recommend this style for C-section recovery as the band may rub on your wound area irritation.

Best Postpartum Underwear Fabric

Cotton Postpartum Underwear

A common underwear fabric as it is soft and breathable. Cotton is a great option for preventing infection or caring for stitches. The downside of cotton it that it can stain easily.

Mesh Postpartum Underwear

Mesh underwear is very light and thin. It doesn’t offer much support, but it can be thrown away after use.

Spandex Postpartum Underwear

Also known as elastane, it’s a man-made poly fiber.  Elastane is well known for providing support and stretch to underwear. It is also known to be moisture resistant.

Microfibre Postpartum Underwear

This is often a polyester or nylon blend. It’s well known for being soft and naturally wicking for sweat. It’s a great durable alternative to cotton.

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Postpartum Underwear Buying Guide

Underwear is the layer of clothing that will come into contact with your skin.

It needs to be comfortable, fit right and be practical.

After birth you’ll be failing more tender than usual, you may even have an incision, and you’ll have to deal with post-birth bleeding.


The fit of your underwear will depend on the size and style you have chosen. Ultimately you want the underwear to stay in the places you would like it to.

That means no riding up or rolling down, a common problem with plus-size underwear. 

A tighter fit can provide support but may also dig in and be uncomfortable. A loose fit can offer comfort but may not be very discreet under clothes.


This is important as you’ll need to keep your underwear free from blood or bacteria. 

You’ll want your underwear to withstand frequent washing and prevent staining. 

Underwear that is machine washable, stain-resistant, and odor-proof scores highly.


Consider the areas where you would like to provide support.

You may want full abdominal support, especially for C-section to provide protection for your wound.

Support may also slim you down to help you fit back into your old clothes. Even perineal support can help stitches recover.

If you want minimal coverage, ensure the underwear provides enough support for a maternity pad.


Like any underwear, you can get good performers for both budget and luxury price ranges.

If you plan to wear underwear through the end of pregnancy and postpartum, you should invest in a good pair.

If you want short-term use, then inexpensive underwear may be suitable.

best underwear for after giving birth

Benefits of Good Postpartum Underwear

1. Support

Your underwear will provide support for your postpartum tummy or vagina. Women with cesarean or perineal stitches may fear them bursting open. Without good support, you will reduce that anxiety.

2. Protection

Coverage of your wound is important to prevent it from being bumped, or stitches snagged. If your wound is seeping, underwear can help to keep bandages or dressing clean and dry.

3. Cope with Postpartum Bleeding

You’ll need to wear pads to catch your postpartum bleeding regardless of your delivery.

Tampons are not recommended due to the risk of infection.

Thick or large pads are recommended to deal with the heavy flow for at least the first week. You’ll need underwear to accommodate using these, as unfortunately, a thong won’t cut it.

Check out our reviews on the best postpartum pads to use after birth.

4. Comfort

Postpartum panties are made from soft fibers and elasticated. This helps them to fit like a glove, a very comfortable glove.

Trust me; you don’t want to wear pants that dig into your most tender stomach or rub against your swollen crotch.

5. Save Your Lingerie

Do you use your nice lingerie when you’re on your period?

Good lingerie is expensive, and you don’t want to be using it to get stained with blood or mishappen from maternity pads.

Postpartum underwear will save your nice lingerie and you can even throw it away without feeling guilty.

5. Sweat Proof

Did you know that ‘Mom sweats’ are a thing after birth? You’ll sweat (and pee) profusely to get rid of all that extra water weight.

That may mean you get an extra sweaty crotch or bottom.

Sweat-wicking or breathable fabrics for your underwear can help to minimize any discomfort this will cause you.

6. Slimming

Postpartum compression or shaping underwear can help you pull in your tummy, waist, and hips.

These areas can be a little flabby after birth as you gain weight to support your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

By slimming them down, you can get back into your regular clothes and feel a little more human again after nine long months.

Postpartum Underwear FAQ

What is postpartum underwear?

You will wear postpartum underwear after birth. They are not regular panties. Postpartum underwear is will cope with:

  • bleeding
  • postpartum discomfort
  • vaginal  or abdominal stitches
  • support for your postpartum body

Regardless of what type of delivery you have, you’ll find a pair of postpartum underwear that will aid your recovery.

Do I need postpartum underwear?

No. That’s the simple answer.

You can use your regular underwear.

However, I strongly recommend you buy postpartum underwear to avoid your regular underwear getting stained and misshapen.

If you buy disposable postpartum panties, you avoid having to buy extra postpartum pads and trying to remove stains.

Think of how much your nice underwear would cost to replace if they get ruined.

The amount you’ll pay for postpartum underwear is a fraction of that price. It’s a bit of an upfront cost that will save you money in the long term.

Where to buy postpartum underwear?

You’ll probably find suitable postpartum panties in most big lingerie departments, pharmacies, or grocery stores.

I recommend you buy from Amazon.  They have a huge selection at the lowest prices, and it’s a discreet service.

Another big benefit to Amazon is they will let you return the underwear without issues, which other stores may not let you do.