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What’s the best nursing bra for large breasts?

I know you’re feeling those changes in your breast since you started breastfeeding.

They’re tender, leaking, and constantly growing and shrinking.

As a big-busted lady, you know that your breasts need a lot of support, but even more so when breastfeeding.

We’ve searched through hundreds of plus-size bra designs to bring you the best.

Let’s look at our picks.

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Best nursing bra for large breasts | Are you a breaftfeeding mama with a big bust? It can be difficult to find good breastfeeding bras, right? Check out my top 7 favorites for new moms. Stork Mama

7 Best Nursing Bra for Large Breasts

1. Everyday Nursing Bra

When you’re nursing your breasts will occasionally feel uncomfortable. You don’t want your bra adding to that.

An everyday nursing bra is one that is suitable enough for you to wear comfortably for long periods.

Your bra should be soft and breathable, so you don’t get the dreaded boob rash.

Everyday nursing bras are usually non-wired to prevent wires from digging in and causing blocked ducts.

Best Everyday Nursing Bra for Large Breasts  – Bravado! Essential Embrace

The Bravado Essential Embrace is best nursing bra for big busts. The bra is made up to a band size 44inches and cup size M.

It’s made from a layer of bonded fabric to give you support without being uncomfortable or hot to wear. The cups are smooth so you won’t have any annoying seam rubbing over tender nipples.

We love that it comes with a complimentary bra extender for when your breast size fluctuates in the first few weeks of nursing.

2. Supportive Nursing Bra

Your large bust means you’re used to wearing very supportive bras. When you are nursing your breasts will become heavier.

So you know that some flimsy wireless nursing bra isn’t going to cut it for you.

What you need is strong support for your back and breast tissue.

A wired nursing bra is the best option to provide structure and support for your breasts.

Best Supportive Nursing Bra for Large Breasts – Anita Underwire #5068

The Anita #5068 is the best performing underwired nursing bra. The bra fits band sizes 44 inches and cup size H.

The soft cups are very supportive, pushing your breast outward rather than pulling them toward your arms. It’s suitable to wear under a t-shirt as the cups are completely smooth, although it’s un-padded so be aware of nipple showing if you’re not wearing pads.

We love that it comes in the usual basic colors of black, white, and nude, with a funky raspberry red option for variety.

3. Sleep Nursing Bra

Large breasts can make it difficult to sleep, without them being full of milk. You’ll probably need to wear a sleep bra to offer light support. 

If you leak during the night, you may need a sleep bra to keep nursing pads in place.

A good nursing bra should allow easy access for your baby to feed overnight. A lightweight, seamless bra without any tags will be comfortable enough to wear without digging in.

Best Sleep Nursing Bra for Large Breasts – Kindred Beverly French Terry Bra

The Kindred Beverly Soft Terry Bra is the best sleep bra for large busts. The sizing option for the bra start at a B cup and goes right up to a I cup. You can get it in a chest size 28-42 inches.

The cross-over design makes this one the best wireless nursing bra for large breasts.

Easy access without any plastic clips digging allows you to quickly feed your baby during the night. 

Ideally, you were probably looking for a cotton nursing bra? But Kindred Beverly has gone one better with high-end bamboo fabric.

Bamboo is softer, stronger, and more breathable than cotton. This means that this nursing bra is very comfortable to wear when sleeping and keeps you cool.

Plus, bamboo is more eco-friendly to source than cotton and provides stretch for when your breasts full.

4. Pumping Bra

If you plan to use a breast pump, then you need to get a pumping bra.

It’s an extra expense, but it will free up so much time for you. Without a pumping bra, you have to sit and hold the pump horns in place.

A pumping bra will do that for you, leaving your hands free to get on with other tasks as you pump.

These are excellent for when you return to working or have other little ones to look after.

Best Pumping Bra for Large Breasts – Simple Wishes D*Lite

The Simple Wishes D*Lite bra is the best pump bra for large breasts. The L-plus size will fit chest sizes up to 48 inches and cup size J.

The back is attached with strong Velcro so you can adjust it as your chest changes size. This bra is extremely secure and will hold two collection bottles full of milk without them sagging.

For more advice on pumping bras check out our buying guide here.

5. Pretty Nursing Bra

Finding pretty bras for larger boobs can be difficult. Most styles end up looking like grandma bras because of the wide straps and supportive materials.

There are some brands out there such as Cake and Hot Milk that are making nursing bras look a lot more attractive to wear.

Best Pretty Nursing Bra for Large Breasts – Hot Milk Luminous

The Hot Milk Luminous is a gorgeous nursing bra suitable large breasts. The sizes range from a petite 32B- 42H.

The fabric is a lovely champagne satin with a pretty lace frill around the cups. The bra doesn’t have wire but provides a lot of lift, shape, and separation in the supportive cups and band.

We love that it has a large bra extension on the back for you to adjust to size when your breasts grow.

6. Sexy Nursing Bra

That sounds like a bit of an oxymoron. A sexy nursing bra? Do they even exist?

Well just like the pretty styles, there are brands that are working on it.

Bra companies have noticed a huge gap in the market, for women who want to feel sexy and have a little practicality thrown into the mix.

Best Sexy Nursing Bra for Large Breasts – Le Mystere Sexy Mama

The Le Mystere Sexy Mama bra is like something straight out of a Victoria Secrets catalogue.

It’s a beautiful lace bra with thin nude padding to give it the appearance of being see-through. It’s a plunge style with molded cups that separate and support so your breasts look nice and full.

If you want to step away from an unflattering uni-boob look, then treat yourself to this bra.

7. Sports Nursing Bra

Breastfeeding doesn’t mean you need to give up exercising. A good sports bra is always essential when you have a large chest.

A sports nursing bra gives you all the support you need while being able to feed your baby easily.

t’s important the bra gives good support and prevents rubbing when you move around. These bras are usually designed to be anti-bounce with great back support.

Best Sport Nursing Bra for Large Breasts – Cake Lingerie High-Impact Bra

The Cake High Intensity bra is great if you’re an active mom with a large chest. It has a fabric between cups to prevent your breast bouncing out as you jump around.

The wide straps and racerback, support your upper body in all the right areas to prevent strain. The straps can also be unclipped to wear as a normal bra. This bra will fit sizes 32B up to 40L.

The only downside? It’s really pricey, so make sure you’ll get plenty of use from it.