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What is the best nursery glider?

Those dreaded 2am feeds come part and parcel of having a new baby. Why not have somewhere comfortable to sit and soothe your baby back to sleep? A nursery glider will not only look great in your baby’s room but will also provide a relaxing environment for you and baby.

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Looking for a great Nursery glider or rocking chair. They are the perfect place to get comfortable and feed baby in peace and quiet. We've found the best rated nursing chairs for all budgets (under $200) and decor. Best Nursery Glider Reviews | Stork Mama

Nursery gliders are quite an investment to make so you’ll want to choose wisely.  Stork Mama has developed this guide to help you find the best nursery glider for you and your baby. Keep reading for our buying guide, features to look out for and benefits of using a nursery glider. Let’s start by with our reviews of the best-selling nursery gliders on the market.

Best Nursery Glider – Top 5 Reviews

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman

  • Pros: Affordable, easy assembly, smooth glide, foot rest, storage pockets
  • Cons: creaky, not durable

The Stork Craft Hoop Glider is the best-selling nursery glider online. It’s a very affordable glider which will appeal if you are on a tight budget. The chair has a thick padding making it really comfortable and supportive, even for plus-sized moms.

The suede like fabric finish is available is a few colors to match your nursery décor. We particularly like that it comes with a matching foot rest to aid breastfeeding positions or elevate tired feet. The biggest downside was that most moms report they wish they invested in more durable chair.

Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

  • Pros: very comfortable, compact, high quality, smooth motion
  • Cons: no storage, no head support, small

The babyletto Madison Swivel Glider is the perfect modern glider for those who are short on space. The compact size makes this chair more suitable for small to medium frames.  You will love how comfortable this chair is, it feels like you are supported by soft pillows.

It’s a great alternative to the traditional sleigh style chair and available in a few colors. The chair can glide and swivel in a really smooth motion for relaxing baby. The thinks we dislike about the chair is the lack of head support and not storage pockets for keeping feeding bit and bobs to hand.

Angel Line Windsor Glider

  • Pros: Easy assembly, footrest included, storage pockets, generous size
  • Cons: Thin padding

The Angel Line Windsor glider is a great traditional style glider with a wide seat. It comes complete with a generous sized foot rest for extra comfort. The lovely suede like fabric gives it a luxury finish with an affordable price tag.

The back and arms are padded so you can position baby comfortable and feel supported. Although the padding is a little thinner than we would like. We think it would look great in any nursery, and you can pick from neutral colors or modern chevron fabrics.

Newco International Grand Glider

  • Pros: Luxury, looks great, very comfortable, modern fabric colors
  • Cons: no foot rest, high arm rests

The Newco International Grand Glider is a luxurious option which will look gorgeous in your nursery. It’s pricey, but the quality speaks volumes. There is no obvious glider mechanism showing, and it will leave you feeling like you are floating on air.

It’s available in a range of beautiful unisex colors to suit most décor. It is so soft and comfortable to sit on, with plenty of back and head support. The downside is that the arms are a little high for certain breastfeeding positions. In addition you’ll need to pay extra for a matching foot rest.

Baby Relax Mikayla Recliner

  • Pros: Recline, easy assembly, comfortable, supportive
  • Cons: No Storage

The Baby Relax Mikayla is the best quality glider with emphasis on comfort. It comes with a recline feature for you to catch 40 winks. The simple design provides so much support when you are sitting in it. It’s ideal for all shapes and sizes.

The design is really modern with the option of two neutral tones both with a tufted back to give it an expensive look. The motion is both a smooth glide and swivel. The only thing we would add to this chair is a storage pocket at the side, and it would be perfect.

Nursery Glider Basics

Types Nursery Chair

Rocking Chair

This is a traditional type of chair you usually associate with grandmas. They rock back and forward due to the curved feet. They are an affordable option if you are on a budget, but you may need to add cushions for comfort and support.


This is a modern style chair with a smooth back and forth motion, and some may even swivel. They are designed to be more comfortable than a rocking chair and are normally heavily padded. This type is higher quality than a rocking chair and usually more expensive.

Buying Guide

Use these criteria to compare any potential nursery gliders before buying. Decide which areas rank highest on your list of needs. The ideal chair for you will be with one which performs best in this section.

Ease of use

A nursery glider should be easy to use on a daily basis. Consider how simple it will be you use with a crying baby in one arm whilst trying to feed them with the other. Remember in the early days you’ll need to master using it during hazy 2am night feeds.


This is very important as you will be feeding a new-born baby around 8-12 times a day. That means your chair will get a lot of use, so invest in one that will be comfortable for you to use. Soft padding and foot rest are ideal to improve your confront levels. Make sure it’s easy to get in and out of. Remember a C-section or forceps delivery can make you very tender for a few weeks as you recover.


Feeding babies is messy whether it’s breast or bottle. Expect the occasional spilt milk or vomit to get onto the chair. That means you’ll want a cover which is easy to clean down and won’t stain or hold onto smells.


Your chair needs to be able to hold the weight of you or your parent as you feed. It will require a strong construction to hold up over time, especially if you invest in a good chair. Find out if the chair comes with a warranty should there be any issues with the gliding motion or structure.


Nursery gliders are quite a large piece of kit, which can add up. You can get a good performing chair as little as $120. However, the more durable, luxury or designer options can cost $1000 plus.

Nursery Glider Benefits

You may be considering using any old chair for your baby’s nursery. Here are a few reasons why you may benefit from a specialized nursery chair.

Comfortable Feeding

If you plan to breastfeed, your seating position can have a huge effect on your baby’s attachment. A nursery glider can help you support you back, head and arms to prevent you developing aches and pain in the areas over the day. Recline chairs can help you feed lying down or in a biological nursing position. Foot rests can help you to bring your lap upwards and aid the use of a nursing pillow.


Dedicating an area where you can feed baby can help you develop a routine. Your chair should be situated within an area which is quiet, private and free from distraction. It also helps make feeding less awkward if you have guests around at the house, and you’re not comfortable with breastfeeding in front of them.

Pregnancy Relaxation

Get use of your glider before baby arrives. Use the chair to rest and relax when you feel overwhelmed or tired. The soft padding can provide relief for a sore back or pelvis. Chairs with a foot rest will allow you to lift your feet up and reduce the dreaded pregnancy swelling in those last few weeks.

Settle Baby

The gliding action of a nursing chair is very comforting for babies. They are used to being rocked back and forward inside the womb as you walked. If you are struggling to comfort a crying baby, a good skin to skin session on a glider chair will calm them quickly. The perfect solution for when you want to calm baby without waking the whole neighborhood during the night.


A nursery glider will last for use way into toddler hood. It’s a great source of comfort for your child and can be used to bond over reading books, watching movies or just a lovely snuggle.

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Nursery Glider Features

Arm support

For feeding baby you need support, which is comfortable and at the right height. Padded arms are usually best. However, a wide armrest allows you to use a nursing pillow. Contoured arms will allow you to try different feeding positions to suit you and baby’s needs.

Back Support

Decent back support will prevent you from developing upper or lower back pain when sitting. It also helps you to relax your shoulders for good breastfeeding attachment. Comfortable back support is important as you can spend a few hours each day feeding your baby.


A lock mechanism will help you to keep the glider still as you get in or out. It’s also a safety feature is you have other children around you when using the chair or as baby grows. You don’t want little finger coming jammed in the glider mechanisms.


Look out for features such as storage pockets to make feeding much more convenient. You can keep any extras such as wipes or cloths to hand. This helps keep any feeding disruptions to a minimum and prevent you disturbing baby unnecessarily.

Foot Rest

A foot rest can help improve your feeding position by bringing your lap closer to your torso when sitting. It can also help to reduce swelling, rest sore legs and make you feel more relaxed on the chair.


A range of motions can help to soothe your baby. Some babies prefer a figure of eight motions, which can be achieved with a chair which swivels and glides. A range of motion from your chair ensure you are less likely to disturb baby if you need to move whilst they are sleeping.