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What is the best fertility lubricant?

If you’ve been trying for a baby for even one month, you’ll agree baby making can make your sex life a little, well, routine.

Yes, you have a lot of sex. But I bet you have it planned to the minute and position.

Never mind a post-sex cuddle, you’ve got to get those legs in the air!

Needless to say, the lack of lust leaves you taking longer to ‘get going.’

But wait.

Don’t just reach for any lubricant. A regular lube can be full of sperm killing ingredients, and make it harder for you to get pregnant.

It’s time for you to start using a fertility friendly lubricant. This type of lube is designed to help you get pregnant. Not only does it make you feel better during sex, but it makes it a whole lot easier for the sperm to reach the egg.

So just how do you choose the best fertility lubricant?

Good news, I’ve researched them for you. I’ll help you know what to look for and what to avoid.

First, check out my reviews of the bestselling fertility lubricants.

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Best fertility friendly lubricants/ getting pregnant quickly

Best Fertility Lubricant Reviews


The bestselling and most recommended sperm friendly lubricant is Pre-Seed. It’s easily available and even used and recommended by fertility clinics.

The formula is designed to make it the best environment for sperm to swim in. It comes with long tip applicators to apply the lube internally with minimal mess.

At around $20 a tube, it is expensive, however a lot cheaper than IVF.

The best tip for using Pre-Seed is to ignore the instructions and use half; this will make the tube last a lot longer.

This lubricant won’t do anything to get you pregnant. However,  it can help to make TTC sex more comfortable and improve the environment for sperm.

Astroglide TTC

For a budget friendly option check out Astroglide TTC.

It’s a reliable and recommended lubricant brand, and this is their sperm friendly option. This lubricant will mimic the sperm pH and consistency to make it easier for them to adapt to the vaginal environment.

It also comes with applicators to coat the vagina walls and mimic your natural lubrication. The ingredients are sperm safe but read through them first as there may be some additions you are sensitive to.

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Sasmar Conceive Plus

Sasmar Conceive Plus is designed to give sperm an extra boost when trying for a baby. This lubricant contains extra ions similar to those in cervical mucus to improve sperm mobility.

It can be purchased as individual applicator tubes or a multi use tube. The applicator needs to be applied 15 minutes before intercourse, and you can use the tube as and when required.

I prefer the applicator option as it’s less messy and make internal application easier. However, you do need to remember to apply beforehand which may ruin the mood.

The individual tubes are great for unplanned sex. Both men and women can use this lubricant.

Buying Criteria

How do you decide which fertility lubricant to choose from? Check out my criteria for selecting.

1. Sperm safe ingredients – It’s essential the lubricant creates the best environment for sperm. Look a thin, glycerine free lubricant. They allow sperm to move freely and at the right pH.
2. Performance – the lubricant has to provide adequate lubrication during sex. Good performing lubricants will not irritate the skin or dry out easily.
3. Easy application – A thin lubricant will apply easily and allow the sperm to move easily. Some brands may come with an applicator to make it easier to apply the lubricant internally.
4. Clean up – You want to avoid a lubricant which leaves a greasy or sticky mess. Silicone or oil based lubricant can leave stains on clothing or bedding.
5. Price – the cost of lubricants will vary between brands. Look to pay between $10-$20 for a good fertility friendly lubricant.

What to Avoid

Don’t be swayed by the low price or claims of regular lubricants. The ingredients are important to aiding or hindering your baby making attempt.

1. Spermicidal – This will kill any sperm it comes into contact with. This type of lubricant is only suitable for those who are trying to avoid pregnancy.
2. Silicone or water based – The levels of water and salt are unsuitable for sperm to move freely. They can also change the pH and kill off some sperm.
3. Toxic ingredients – Some lubricants may contain ingredients which are skin irritants or toxic to sperm causing them damage.
4. Thick formula – Not only does this make it hard for sperm to swim through, but it can be difficult to clean up without soap and water.

Features of Sperm Friendly Lubricant

Glycerine Free

Glycerine (or glycerol) is known to be toxic to sperm. These type of lubricants allow sperm to move freely.

pH friendly

Semen has a slightly alkaline pH of around 7.2-8.0. Sperm friendly lubricants will have a similar pH to semen, so they are not harmed or damaged by a different environment.

Internal application

Lubricants with internal applicator allow you to mimic your natural cervical fluid. Increased fluid makes it easier for sperm to reach your cervix.


This means the environment is similar to sperm with an equal amount of water and salt. Lubricants with high levels of salts or ions will dehydrate the sperm and slow them down.

Benefits of  Sperm Safe Lubricant

Here are more advantages to using sperm friendly lubricants.


Scheduled sex sessions can sometimes make it a bit hard to get excited during the act. A lubricant can loosen things up and make sex more comfortable.


If you are prone to vaginal dryness, it can be hard to orgasm. Some women report high levels of satisfaction during sex when using a lubricant.

Better environment

Some vaginal environments are hostile to sperm mainly if they are very acidic. A lubricant can alter the environment to make it more welcoming to sperm.

Mimic Nature

Cervical fluid increases at your most fertile times. If you suffer a lack of cervical fluid, a lubricant can mimic it and help sperm to move freely toward the cervix.

Disadvantages of Lubricants


Unfortunately, lubricants are manmade and contain chemicals, no matter how natural they claim to be. These chemicals may contain parabens to prevent bacterial growth in the product.


Some people may be sensitive or allergic to some ingredients in the lubricant. So a skin test on both you and your partner before using the product on intimate areas.

Sex Aid

A fertility friendly lubricant is designed so it won’t interfere with your fertility. The lubricant won’t increase your chances of conceiving. We recommend tracking your ovulation cycle to improve your chances of pregnancy.

Natural Options

If you are looking for a natural chemical free and sperm friendly lubricant, look no further.


A lubricant is not always necessary unless you have a particular problem with dryness. Ensure there is a lot of foreplay before the deed to increase natural vaginal lubrication.

Your vagina will produce sperm catching cervical mucus on your most fertile days to increase your chance of pregnancy.

Coconut Oil

This wonder oil can be used for pretty much anything from eating to beauty uses. Coconut oil can help to prevent mild vaginal dryness.

You can use it to clear up any lurking yeast infections which create a hostile environment for sperm. Do not use if you or your partner have a nut allergy.

Egg Whites

This suggestion may be a little strange for you. The idea is to mimic the consistency of cervical mucus on your most fertile days. Some women swear it helped them become pregnant.

If you’ve been TTC for a long time, you may be willing to give it a go. Just remember hand hygiene to prevent spreading bacteria from the shell.


I hope you found the right sperm-friendly lubricant for you. If you want to check out other reviews of these lubes on Amazon.