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If you are trying for a baby it can be an exciting to find out if you’re pregnant. The infamous two week wait is a rollercoaster of nerves, excitement and impatience. Knowing the best time to take a pregnancy test is tricky when you want to avoid a false negative.

You CAN have the best of both worlds. Using an early pregnancy test is the perfect solution for you. Finding the best early pregnancy test can be stressful, so we’ve done the time-consuming research for you. Check out our list of the best early pregnancy tests on the market.

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Best Pregnancy Test Reviews

Best Early Pregnancy Test Comparisons

Pregnancy TestModelTypeContentPriceRating
Wondfo comboDipstick50 Ovulation & 20 Pregnancy Tests$$$4.1 Stars
Easy@Home pregnancy testsDipstick25 Tests$$4.5 Stars
ClinicalGuard Pregnancy TestDipstick50 Tests$$4.5 Stars
First Response Early ResultMidstream3 Tests$$$4.2 Stars
TrueStick Home Early ResultDipstick25 Tests$$3.9 Stars
Clearblue digital pregnancy testsDigital3 Tests$$$4.0 Stars
AZHEALTH Early DetectionMidstream3 Tests$$4.6 Stars
fasStep Early DetectionCassette20 Tests$$$3.8 Stars

5 Best Early Pregnancy Test Reviews

1. First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

Pros: accurate, early testing, wide stick, easy to read
Cons: indents, single units pricey

The First Response Early Result is bestselling early pregnancy test online. This test can detect pregnancy for around 50% of women 6 days before your period is due. This percentage with each day closer to your period. The sensitivity rate is 25 mIU/ml which will detect almost all pregnancies at 3-4 weeks pregnant. You can read the results within 3 minutes of testing.

It’s a midstream design so you test directly from your urine stream and close with a cap. This makes it really convenient and hygienic to use. The curved handle and wide tip make it easy to position for a sample. The result window is simple to read with a control line with a second line if you are pregnant. We recommend buying the bigger pack to test more often in case of false negatives.

2. Easy@Home Pregnancy Test Strips

Pros: Easy to use, accurate, inexpensive
Cons: Requires collection pot, narrow strips

The Easy@Home pregnancy tests are a reliable budget option. With a detection level of 25 mIU/ml you may be able to detect pregnancy as early as 1 week after ovulation. The results are easy to read with two lines, no matter how faint, indication pregnancy. Strong positives will show immediately and early positive taking 3-5 minutes.

Each pregnancy test is individually foil wrapped for hygiene. These are a dipstick design so you will need a collection cup for urine. These sticks are not suitable for midstream samples as they are too narrow and flimsy. There are 25 tests in a packet so you can test numerous times if you get a negative first time, without breaking the bank.

3. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown

Pros: Digital results, easy to read, accurate, no mess, and countdown to results
Cons: Expensive

The Clearblue digital pregnancy tests are the best option to avoid misinterpreting results. Ghost lines on a test can sometime cause confusion as whether you are pregnant or not. This test will count down to the results and show as ‘pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’.

They are midstream tests with a wide tip and flood guard making them very hygienic to use. With a 25mIU/ml sensitivity the tests are really accurate. You may even be able to detect pregnancy 5 days before a missed period. They are slightly more expensive than other brands with a box of 3 for retesting. If you don’t want to agonise over whether it’s a positive or not then buy this pregnancy test.

4. ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Test Strips

Pros: inexpensive, accurate, no ghost lines
Cons: no hygiene features

If you’re a bit of a test-a-holic then check out the ClinicalGuard Pregnancy Test Strips. These tests are very basic but you can do a lot of testing with 50 sticks. The 25 mIU/ml sensitivity can detect pregnancy early and accurately before your period.

The tests are simple dipstick designed so have a disposable cup on had to use them. After dipping in a urine sample the result will appear within 5 minutes. Two lines indicate pregnancy and one line means not pregnant or HCG levels are still low. With so many tests to can test numerous times a day to catch your positive as early as possible.

5. Wondfo Combo Tests

Pros: Ovulation and regency tests, accurate, easy to use, USA brand
Cons: prone to evaporation lines

The Wondfo combo kit is perfect if you are trying to conceive quickly. The kit comes with 50 ovulation stick to pinpoint the best day to fall pregnant. The 25 pregnancy tests also allow you to start testing for pregnancy as early as possible. Ovulation sticks can tell you a lot about your ovulation as not all women follow the textbook 14 days after your period.

Similar to clinic stick you need to dip the tests into a sample of urine for 10 seconds. The results can be read within 5 minutes for a result. With a detection level of 25 mIU these tests are just as sensitive as the most expensive brands. We would recommend these stick if you have just started trying for a baby. If you have been trying for a longer time you may want to invest in a higher quality test.

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Types of Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test is used to detect a hormone called HGC in your body. This hormone is released as soon as you get pregnant. The two methods the HGC hormone can be found are from your blood or from your urine.

Blood Test for Pregnancy

A simple blood test can analyzed to detect the HCG in your blood. You will need to visit the doctor for this test. The results will usually take around 2-3 days. Pregnancy blood tests are a good early indication of pregnancy. This method can give a positive result as soon as 6-8 days after ovulation.

Doctors can choose from two types of analysis of the blood tests.

  • Quantative (or beta HCG test) – This measures the exact amount of HCG in your blood, making it very accurate. Rising levels will confirm a pregnancy with further testing. A miscarriage can also be diagnosed if your HGC levels begin to fall from previous results.
  • Qualitative – This will check to see if the hormone is pregnant or not. If the hormone is present you are pregnant, if absent you are not pregnant. This blood test is as accurate as pregnancy urine test.

Urine Test for Pregnancy

A sample of your urine can be used with a HGC detection strip. The results will take around 3-5 minutes. The hormone will only be detected when it reaches a certain level in your system. The earliest detection is around 20 mIU/ml, however the FDA recommend using a test with a 25 mIU/ml detection to prevent false results. Urine tests usually give positive results 7-14 days after ovulation.

Pregnancy urine testing is available professionally or home use.

  • Professional – A caregiver such as a doctor or midwife will perform the test. You need to provide them with a fresh urine sample. They will ‘dip’ the detection stick and inform you if you are pregnant or not. Professional testing will prevent any mistakes being made during the testing so result are more likely to be accurate. A clinic will usually charge around $10-$15 per test not including consultation fee.
  • Home Pregnancy Test – You perform the test at home with a kit purchased from a store or online. Follow the instruction on the packet to ensure accurate results, they are fairly easy to use. Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive especially if purchased in bulk. Testing at home means you can have privacy to perform and read the results.

Home Pregnancy Test Methods

The method used to add the urine to the detection stick will determine how easy the pregnancy test is to use and read. Let’s check out the four different types available:


Midstream pregnancy tests are detection sticks open and one end with a cassette at the other end. The idea is to hold onto the cassette and aim the stick into your urine stream. This method is really convenient and does not require a collection of urine. It’s a hygiene ‘hands off’ approach to testing.


These are midstream tests which give a digital reading. The result will appear as ’pregnant’ or ‘not pregnant’ so there is no confusion over the result. The level detected can also indicate roughly how pregnant you are in weeks. These tests are very easy to use but are often the most expensive option.


Stick pregnancy tests are plain detection strips. They are small and flexible with a thin test area. They are designed to be dipped into a urine sample. You will need a collection pot for your urine, which is not provided with the kit. Some women find them fiddly and unhygienic to use. These sticks are very cheap to buy and a great option if you test often. These test are the type used by professionals and can be difficult to ready if you’re not experience with home pregnancy tests.


Cassette tests are fully enclosed detection sticks. You need a small urine sample to collect a few drops. A dropper is provided for you to drop urine into the cassette. These are an inexpensive option however can be fiddly to use.

How to Use a Home Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test Buying Criteria

There are a number of factor to consider before buying a pregnancy test. If you’re confused about what to look these can be used as a checklist to narrow down your options.

  1. Ease of Use – consider how easy the pregnancy test will be to use. Can it be used straight out the packet or do you need a collection pot. Are the instruction easy to follow or very basic.
  2. Results – You need to be able to interpret the results to figure out if you’re pregnant or not. Most tests have a control line and a second line which appear if you are pregnant. Is the result area wide or is it difficult to read. Digital pregnancy tests are best for easy result reading. Average time to read a result is 3-5 minutes.
  3. Detection – Tests can detect as little as 10 mIU/ml up to 100 mIU/ml of HGC. The lower the number the earlier results are detected. That being said early detection strips have an accuracy of around 75% when carried out at 6 days post ovulation. The FDA recommend a test of at least 25 mIU/ml for most accurate results.
  4. Hygiene – Do you prefer to deal with urine samples or use a more direct method? A midstream sample is best for hygiene and convenience. Strips and cassettes require you to handle urine sample to use the test.
  5. Price – You can find pregnancy test to fit most all budgets. A single branded pregnant test can cost around $6-$10 from a drugstore. To save money buy online in bulk and reduce to cost to as little as 35 cents per test.

Advantages of an Early Pregnancy Test

Minimal Wait

The two week wait until you have a missed period can drive you insane. If you’re impatient or stressing an early pregnancy test can save you a few days of stress.

Stop Mediation

Your doctor may have advised to stop certain prescription medication if you get pregnant. The sooner you discover you’re pregnant the less risk you present to you baby in those important early stages.

Lifestyle Changes

Habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped during pregnancy. Finding out you are pregnant can give you a great reason to quit or at least cut back.

Risk Assessment

You place of employment may present a risk to your baby. If you job entails radiation, chemicals, fumes or physical dangers you may need a reassignment of duties as soon as possible.


The first few weeks is a risky time to announce to a pregnancy to friends and family. However if your partner works away or a special event is coming up, a cute pregnancy announcement to them may be on the cards.

Disadvantages of an Early Pregnancy Test

False Positive

Early pregnancy tests have a lower accuracy rate the earlier they are used. The closer you use to you period the better chance you have of accurate results. It’s possible to have a negative test even if you are pregnant.

More testing

If you get a negative test the first day we recommend retesting in a few days. This can get costly if you are using single branded tests.

Early Miscarriage

Women can often conceive and miscarry before their period is due. It’s also known as a chemical pregnancy or missed miscarriage as most women never know they are pregnant. Finding out early can lead to heartbreak and grieving for a loss that may have been unnoticed otherwise.