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What is the best breast pump for working moms?

More and more mothers are returning to work while their babies are still breastfeeding. This can be a stressful time for new-working moms and choosing the right breast pump is crucial in making the transition of going back to work. Mothers are seeking breast pumps that are:

  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Portable

There are many options for working moms who are looking for breast pumps. Don’t panic if your return-to-work date is coming around quick, we’ve taken all the hard work out of researching the best breast pump for working moms. This includes all the features and accessories, to make sure you start with the best pump for your needs.

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Best Breast Pump For Working Moms | Find the best breast pump for expressing breast milk at work. Choose from our top 5 picks fro manual to hospital grade pumps. Stork Mama

Best Breast Pump for Working Moms – Top 5 Reviews

Popular – Medela Pump In Style

Want to know the breast pump most working moms recommend? Then look no further than the Medela Pump in Style. Most working moms buy this pump as it comes highly recommended from lactation consultants.

Portability should be a priority if you will be carrying the pump back and forth to work. The Pump in Style motor is actually built into the carry bag, along with plenty of room for accessories. The bag is available in one of three style: a tote, a backpack or a satchel. Its simple black design is discreet and won’t warrant any unwanted attention from other commuters or colleagues.

Its double pump so will allow you to pump really quickly – important if you only get short breaks to express. It also comes with a small cooler bag to store your milk so no need to buy extra accessories. This pump will last a long time, so if you plan to have more children it’s a great investment to make.

The biggest issue most moms found with the pump in style was that the motor is difficult to remove from the bag. This makes the pump a bit more difficult to use at home as you need to sit with the bag too. If you prefer to have portability at home too, we suggest the Medela Freestyle as an alternative.

If you are looking to invest in a reliable and effective breast pump for work pump we highly recommend making the Pump in Style you first port of call.

Budget – Philips Avent Comfort Manual

A manual breast pump is ideal for a working mom who works part time, or only needs to pump one a day. We recommend the Philips Avent Comfort manual as the best manual breast pump. This pump ticks a lot of boxes for working moms as it’s easy to use, extremely portable and comfortable.

One of the biggest advantages of using this pump is that it’s inexpensive. The Philips Avent manual retails for around $45, however check out for deals online and it will be steal if you can get it for around $35. As this pump does not require a power source it’s a great option if you work a job with lots of travel or no set base station with a mains supply.

The best feature of this pump is how comfortable it is to use due to its short neck with an angled tip. This design it allows you to hold the shield right to the breast and pump without getting hand ache. Also you can purchase different size breast shields to get the best fit for larger or smaller breasts.

The disadvantage of using a manual pump is that it may take longer to pump a good volume. This won’t be an issue if your work is flexible about how much time your get to express, but consider it if you only get short breaks. On average moms get around 4-5 oz in 20-30minutes with this pump.

If you need a budget pump for occasional expressing at work, then opt for the Philips Avent Manual Comfort.

Modern – Freemie

The Freemie is completely different from standard breast pump designs. Rather than a bottle, this pump has two ‘bowl shaped’ cups to catch your breast milk. The idea is to pump hands free by slipping the collection cups into your bra and not having to hold a bottle. If you have a desk job you can easily keep working whilst pumping at the same time. It’s a great solution particularly if you need to pump numerous times a day, but your employers are not prepared to allow so many breaks.

This pump is ideal for working moms as it can leave them feeling less ‘exposed’ than with a regular pump. Consider the Freemie if you don’t have much privacy to pump at work, or even if you want to pump in the car whilst commuting. There is a battery option so you don’t need to have a main supply to use.

One of the main complaints about the Freemie was that the collection cups do not have marks on the side to measure how much you have pumped. However most moms state that after a few uses they can estimate how much is in the cups.

If you’re looking to pump whilst you work then this breast pump is the best on the market.

Quiet – Spectra S1

The Spectra brand is well known for their affordable hospital grade breast pumps. The S1 modelis the best of the best from this brand. At around $300 for a hospital grade pump who can argue? You will appreciate this breast pump if you need to still express a lot when you return to work.

One of the most raved about features of the pump is how quiet it is. This is important if you don’t have much privacy at work or want to be discreet whilst pumping. If you work nights the quietness and the nightlight features will appeal to you.

On first impression it looks heavy and cumbersome, but working moms have reported how portable and lightweight he pump is. You can easily carry it round in a tote, plus it has a carry handle design. Plus it has a rechargeable battery option so no need to ensure a mains supply to use. Expect the pump to last for two 15-20 minutes pumping sessions on a full charge.

Most moms report that they found the bottle supplied with this pump were not great quality. However you can  purchase separate baby bottles and attach to the breast shield, although you should factor this into the expense of the pump. If you want to fins out more about which bottle are best for breastfed babies,  read my top 10 picks here.

This pump is known to be super easy to use and very effective at expressing. Most moms report to expressing around 5-7 oz in a 20 minutes session of double pumping. If you need a pump which is both quiet but extremely effective then check out the Spectra S1.

Luxury – Medela Symphony

If you have the option of keeping your breast pump in a safe place at work you might want to consider using the Medela Symphony. If you are returning to work but needing to pump for twins, a baby with special needs or have severe supply issue then this is the pump for you.

As a hospital grade pump, it’s the most effective and best rated pump on the market. The price of the pump will set you back a bit but it will last a lifetime. If you can’t afford to buy a pump, renting a Symphony is another option.

Employer who can provide breast pumps as part of their breastfeeding policy often loan this pump to mom who need to express at work. Therefore you may only need to purchase your own personal pump kit. This pump is a closed system and is multi-user as no milk can be transferred through the motor.

We highly recommend this pump is you are exclusively breastfeeding and work long shifts. The motor is powerful enough to deal with the frequent use and is unlikely to break down or lose suction.

The biggest concern with this pump is that it’s not very portable. It’s large and heavy, and won’t be suitable for travel work. As suggested above it can be left at work if you can store it somewhere safe out of hours.

This pump in a great investment for any employer or a working mom who is planning to get a lot of use from her pump whilst working.