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What is the best breast pump bag?

You may well have already experienced the military operation that is leaving the house with a new born baby. Now what is you need to lug along a breast pump with you?

Let’s be honest breast pumps are heavy and bulky and generally a right pain in the butt.

We found 6 of the best breast pump bags and put them under scrutiny to see just how they perform in the real world. Let’s see what we found.

Top 6 Best Breast Pump Bag

1. Sarah Wells – Lizzy

Sarah Wells is a popular ‘mommy’ bag designer with some amazing professional looking bags. The Lizzy Bag effortlessly combines modern day fashion with practicality for pumping moms. If you spotted this bag in the street would your think it was baby related? We love this bag, it’s like some sort of tardis or Mary Poppins bag, deceiving to how spacious it is. With three compartments you can organize and separate your bottles, pump and handbag items, to find them easily. With the thermal lining you can use with small ice packs and keep your milk stored for up to 6 hours. For comfort it comes with both a handle and a removable cross body strap.

Pros: Accommodates most all personal use pump models, very spacious, stylish, professional looking, high quality, durable

Cons: Heavy, expensive option

2. BananaFish Breast Pump Bag

Chekc out this breats pump bag by BananaFish for a smart causal option. The Bananafish breast pump bag is the best for Spectra breast pumps.

It has more of a casual style, with its backpack style and Orla Kiely-esque prints. Not only does it look cute, but it sure is practical as it will fit most of the popular pump brands and models.

It’s a canvas bag with a waterproof finish which makes it easy to clean and durable.

This pump can easily fit a tablet, gym stuff or use as a diaper bag.

Pros: Large size, fits most pump, cute prints, washable, sturdy, great pump storage
Cons: tempremental zippers, needs more accessory pockets

3. Medela Pump In Style Advanced Backpack

We’re cheating a bit with the Medela pump in style as it’s actually a breast pump with a bag and not sold separately.Onbviously this makes it the best breast pump bag for medela breast pumps.

There are three designs available including a metro bag, tote and a backpack. We’ve chosen the backpack as the best option as it’s a great option for active moms who have practicality above style for needs.

In fact some moms wear the motor in the backpack and the bottles in a pump bra for the ultimate hands free option. This bag is a great option if you are carrying around a lot and want to spread the load over both shoulders rather than one.

Pros: Pump held securely in bag, discreet, lightweight, comfortable

Cons: Not a lot of room for handbag items, designed for Medela pump in style

4. Charlie G – New Yorker

If you’re looking for discreet then look no further than the New Yorker by Charlie G.

This bag is gorgeous, and deceptively spacious. You’ll easily fit even a bulky pump like the spectra and a tablet inside.

It’s made from quality material that is not only easy to keep clean, but looks  professional. It has two inner compartments as well as three zipped outer pockets which hold most double breast pumps and accessories.

It also has a washable ‘dirty bottle’ bag to keep the contents of you bag free from sticky breast milk.

Pros: Very spacious, great extras, numerous storage compartments, easy to clean, stylish

Cons: Expensive

5. Laguna Tide Breast Pump Bag

If comfort and versatility is high on your list of needs then check out the Laguna Tide Breast Pump Bag.

This bag is huge and has so many compartments its will easily accommodate a double breast pump, accessories and much more. It has thee handle options including a handle, crossover strap and backpack, and it looks cute as all three.

This bag has three main compartments and 7 zippered pockets, so you’ll can have everything in the right place and find it in the snap of a finger.

I love how convient it is to use, espcially as it clips onto the back of your stoller when you’r out an about with baby.

Pros: High quality material and zippers, large with lots of pockets, various handle for comfort

Cons: Can be bulky

6. Kaylaa Premium Breast Pump Bag

If you want a luxury looking breast pump bag then the Kaylaa Premium is one of the best.

I love the Luxury stripe version, as it give me a New Hampton beach vacay vibes. However, there is a smart classic black verison if you want to look professional for work.

This bag will get you a ton of compliments, while it holds your breast pump and all your work gear. Shh, they’ll never know!

If you like to keep organized thenumerous pockets and zippers will give you plenty of room to work with.

The bag can be used to keep your milk cool with compartments for ice packs. A greta option if your workplace doesn’t provide a place to store your milk. Or you don’t want someone accidentaly using it from the staff fridge!

Pros: Luxury looks, spacious, lightweight, comfortable, washable, provides protection

Cons: Handle is not leather

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Breast Pump Bag Buying Criteria

Regardless of the style of bag you are going for, you’ll want it to be the best bag for you. All of the bags we’ve reviewed we scrutinized in each of the following categories:


Investing in a breast pump bags means you are looking for quality. A quality bag is made from durable materials, has strong stitching and is sturdy enough to provide protection for your pump.


No matter what style of bag you opt for its going to need to be comfortable to carry either in one hand, or over one or both shoulders. Remember you’ll have a lot of stuff in your bag and it can get heavy quickly. You want a stylish strut not weighed down waddle.

Size & Weight

The aim was to get as much storage from this bag without compromising weight or bulk of the bag. There is no point having a super stylish bag which a) you can carry b) is too big to let you throw a doorway.


That’s exactly what a breast pump bag is designed for. All those little extra pockets and holders to store, organize and separate all your bits and bobs. We’d also expect some sort of protection for your pump motor, or even padding or strapping to prevent damage if the bag is dropped.


We think you should feel confident when you have your bag out and about. We’ve chosen a mix of styles to suit all moms. If you’re a sporty kind of mom then you’re not going to feel comfortable with our fashionably stylish bags and vice versa.

Breast Pump Bag Basics

You probably already have a diaper bag full of things for baby. So you’re going to need your own bag, but it’s unlikely your own purse will accommodate all of your stuff plus a breast pump. Breast pump bags are designed to look like a regular purse but with enough room for everything, possibly even the kitchen sink!

Benefits of a Breast Pump Bag


Do you want to be carrying around numerous bags, having to remember what is in each bag? Having one bag with everything in its own little space keep you’re organized and makes the world of difference when you’re short on time.


Pumping is and achievement to be proud off, but you may not want everyone and their aunt knowing your bag contains a breast sucking device. A breast pump bag can help you be discreet with the pump and still make you look stylish, casual or professional, depending on the look you’re going for.


Of course you can use a regular bag to hold your breast pump, but does it have compartments to store your stuff neatly? A breast pump bag will have the correct shape and size of pocket and zipped areas to meet your needs.


Some bags will be designed with special features such a cooling bags to help you store your milk after expressing. Some bags are made or lined with specialist fabrics for easy cleaning of milk accidents, just remember to keep your milk bottle stored upright.


Breast pump are expensive pieces of equipment, you’re going to want to make sure it’s well protected when you’re traveling around. Some breast pump bags offer extra sturdiness, padding or straps to provide extra security for your pump.

How to Pack your Breast Pump Bag

 What do I put in my breast pump bag?

Breast pump bags are designed to combine a regular handbag with the extra of holding your breast pump and accessories. Here are some ideas for the types of items you’d expect to fit in your pumping bag:

    • Personal use Breast pump (motor, wires and breast shields)
    • Milk Storage bottles
    • Cell phone
    • Wallet
    • Keys
    • IPad or tablet
    • Magazine
    • Small makeup bag
    • Notepad
    • Pens
    • Deodorant
    • Glasses or sunglasses with case