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Want to know which baby bottle warmer is best? Which one will heat your bottle of breast milk quickly when your hungry and impatient baby wants to eat? We are looking at 6 of the most popular bottle warmers on the market, read on to find what makes them better than the rest.

If you are still not sure, check out our guide to choosing the right bottle warmer so you can choose the perfect model for you.

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Top 5 Best Bottle Warmer Reviews

1. Philips AVENT Fast

Yet another high scoring bottles warmer is the Philips Avent Fast Warmer. This bottle warmer scored best for convenience as it not only defrosts frozen breast milk but heats a 4oz bottle in 3 minutes. The warmer heats milk to around 20°C which is an optimal temperature for breast milk nutrients. It’s a simple and compact design which won’t take up much room. We like that it will accommodate most baby bottles, so you aren’t tied down to Avent bottles.

The biggest drawback we’ve found with this bottle warmer is that it doesn’t have a timer to let you know when the milk is ready. You can simply use an egg timer, but at around $60, we’d expect this feature to be included.

2. Tommee Tippee Travel Warmer

If you want something a little more portable, this Tommee Tippee Travel Warmer is a great choice to consider. It’s basic and cheap but it gets the job done. If you are only heating a bottle on a rare occasion, or you travel a lot then it’s a great alternative to the bigger, more expensive options.

It works like a thermos, the bottle is a protective layer surrounded by boiling water to heat the bottle. The up side to this is that it heat up quickly, and stays warm for hours. The downside is you have no control over the temperature. Like a thermos flask you need to be extra careful to keep the warmer upright when transporting, or risk the hot water leaking from the cap.

3. Cuisinart BFM-1000

If you want something a little more functional the Cuisinart BFM-1000 is rather interesting. If you plan to express and make your own baby food when the time comes, this is the model for you. It’s a bottle warmer at the back and a food processor and steamer at the front, providing you with up to 4 cups of food.

Let’s be honest the emphasis of this machine is definitely on the food maker. There is no point in buying two different machines when you can have one that will do it all-in-one. The warmer can be used with most standard and wide neck baby bottles. It takes up to 3 minutes to heat a bottle up and a light indicates when the bottle is ready, it’s a lot quicker than we expected.

This warmer is quite an investment to make, but it’s a great performing machine. It comes with an 18 month warranty and we’d highly recommend this model. Go for it if your budget can stretch, or pop it onto your baby registry.

4. Kiinde Kozii

We love the Kiinde products and the Kiinde Kozii is no exception. We like that this brand make an effort to meet the needs of expressing moms. They understand the difference between heating breast milk and formula. The design incorporates high speed, low temperature heating so that the nutrients in your breast milk are not destroyed. The SAFEHeat ensures milk is heated to the same temperature with each use.

It’s a simple deign with its turn dial timer, which will cut out heating when it’s done, so no risk of overheating. The timer has extended times to allow for defrosting breast milk too. It even has a slot to hold up breast milk storage bags to defrost.

The biggest problem we encountered with this bottle warmer was that it was slower to heat bottle than other models. This is due to the design making sure the milk is evenly heated to prevent heat spots scalding your baby. With this model you’ll need to be on the ball before feeding time. Preparing the milk early will stop baby being upset by waiting on bottle to warm up.

5. Babebay Bottle Warmer

As a newcomer to the market the Babebay bottle warmer bottle warmer is making waves. With its 4-in 1 functions, it can not only warm bottles but heat food and sterilize too. The warmer heat up your milk to body temperature to make it perfect for baby to drink. We love that it heats both plastic and glass baby bottles evenly. Combining the prefect temperature and a glass bottle ensure you baby will receive all the nutrients from your breast milk. Its modern, easy to clean, simple to use and even has energy saving features.

To be honest we found it difficult to find any flaws with this machine, so we recommend making it a top choice if it fits into your budget.

Bottle Warming Basics

Do I need a Bottle Warmer?

If you are expressing milk and storing in a fridge or freezer, you may want to warm up the breast milk before feeding to baby. Save yourself some money and test your baby first. They may drink the cold or room temperature milk without any fuss.

If your baby rejects or fussed over the cold milk heating the milk may help. Ideally a bottle warmer should heat the milk to around a temperature of 36- 38°C to imitate your body temperature.
You don’t need to purchase a machine to do this for you. A simple jug filled with hot water can do the trick. Its money saving and you require minimal equipment. Just beware it’s difficult to get a consistent heat this way which is important when heating breast milk.

Please note you should never heat a bottle of milk in the microwave, it can cause boiling heat pockets which can scald inside baby’s mouth and cause a lot of damage.

Advantages of using a Baby Bottle Warmer

There are many benefits to using a baby bottle warmer including:

  • Convenience – Your probably always multitasking whilst waiting for the bottle to heat, so a bottle warmer can make it to simply turn a dial and let us know when it’s good to go.
  • Speed – Depending on how cold the milk is to start with, most bottle warmers take around 3 minutes to warm a bottle.
  • Consistency – Breast milk is particularly sensitive to overheating as nutrients can be easily destroyed. A bottle warmer can maintain a consistent temperature when heating to prevent this happening.

Baby Bottle Warmer Buying Guide

If you are new to buying a bottle warmer, we’re going to help by letting you know the feature you should be looking out for. Bottle warmers come in all shapes and sizes so whether you are looking for a steam, electric or portable bottle warmer, and these features will apply to each type.

Temperature control

This is important if you are heating breast milk. If the warmer heat the milk over body temp (40°C +) then you milk will begin to lose essential nutrients. Some models will have a set temperature whereas others will have adjustable temperature dials.

Easy to use

Learning to use your bottle warmer shouldn’t be a chore. If you need to read the instruction manual every time you need to warm a bottle, you’re going to get easily frustrated. Look out for warmers with easy to use dials and functions that indicate when the bottle is ready to use.


Proper maintenance of your bottle warmer will affect how it perform over time. Although it’s not a daily equipment, you’re not going to want to do it often if it’s a pain to do. Do note that bottle warmer with steam reservoirs have a tendency to grow mold. It’s important theses are checked and cleaned frequently.


With some models safety can be compromised for the sake of speed. That means the warmer heat up too quickly but may put you at risk of scalding if not correctly used. Look out for warmers which heat up to body temperature, or use controlled steam.

Multi use

Get more for your money with a multi-system bottle warmer. Some models have functions such as food warmers, sterilizers or food processors. This is the perfect space saving solution, but can cost a bit more for the extra functions.