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What is the best belly band for pregnancy?

If you’re struggling to carry around all that extra pregnancy weight a belly support is what you need. Your growing baby, extra blood, fluid and fat stores are putting a lot of strain on your poor muscles. A belly band covers your bump to take the strain and ease you from the aches and pains.

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Best Belly Band Reviews for Pregnancy Support

If you’ve never used a belly band before that choice can be quite overwhelming. This guide is designed to help you choose a belly band that’s right for you. The best way to do this is to let you know the basic features and their pros and cons. What works for others may not work for you.

First let’s start by exploring the different types of belly bands available

8 Best Belly Band Reviews

Pregnancy Belly Band

Ask any of your mom friends and you’ll find most used a belly band during pregnancy. Basically it’s a band of fabric which covers your bulging tummy as it grows. There are two types of belly band:

  • Cover Up – The main reason moms buy belly band is to cover that area of exposed skin as your regular clothes stretch with your growing bump. The effect is like wearing a long tank top. This type do not provide support for your tummy.
  • Support – Some belly bands are made from compression fabric to provide an extra layer of light support for your tummy. Support bands are dual use as a cover up band.

Benefit of a belly band include:

Wear regular clothes – If you can’t stand maternity clothes then a belly band helps you to wear your regular clothes throughout your pregnancy.

Save money – Without the need to buy maternity clothes you will save a lot of money during pregnancy.

Belly Bands are best used if you want to cover up your bump or only need light support. Check out our top belly band recommendations.

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

The Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband is the bestselling pregnancy belly band in the USA. It can be worn from early pregnancy doubled over, or stretched up as you grow.  It comes in a range of colours to suit your outfits. You’ll find one to suit your size as the brand caters to sizes 0-24 plus.

Pros: discreet, soft fabric, doesn’t roll down, range of sizes and colors

Cons: expensive, extra layer can make you hotter

Belevation Maternity Belly Band

If you want to cover up and have a little tummy support then check out the Belevation Maternity Belly Band. The band is made of a flexible compression mesh to hold your tummy in place. The knit if the fabric makes it easier to layer your clothes without getting too hot. It’s available to fit sizes 0-22.

Pros: abdominal support, light fabric, easy layering, machine wash

Cons: no back support

Pregnancy Support Belt

If you are having pelvic, back or hip pain your doctor or physiotherapist may have recommended using a support belt. These belts are designs to redistribute the weight of your abdomen to reduce the strain on the areas which suffer. Full benefits of a support belt include:

Pain reduction – As we’ve already mentioned, a support belt should give relief to pregnancy related strains.

Less swelling – Support belts can help improve the blood follow to your lower body which results in less swelling through the day.

Pregnancy conditions – certain pregnancy conditions can increase the strain on your body. A maternity support belt can provide relief for:

  • SPD or PGP
  • Multiples
  • Polyhydramnios
  • Hernias
  • Diastasis recti

A support band is a medical aid and should be used for pain or pregnancy related conditions. Check out our recommendations for the best maternity support belts.

Belly Bandit Upsie

If you are struggling with pregnancy pain you should seriously consider the Belly Bandit Upsie. This support band is on the expensive side, but the design addresses the issues other support bands have. The fabrics are a combination of supportive spandex and soft bamboo. It’s really a simply to use, simply wrap and adjust to your comfort level with the velcro fastening.

Pros: soft, breathable fabric, adjustable, use with hot/cold pack, USA made

Cons: Expensive

AZMED Maternity Belt

For a great performing and affordable option check out the AZMED Maternity Belt. The elasticated side panels allow the belt to be flexible and adjusted to your size for comfort. It has a mesh front to allow the air to circulate and prevent you from overheat when wearing. You get almost instant relief from aches and pains as soon as you put it on.

Pros: Adjustable, durable, high quality, soft, supportive

Cons: Can ride up on petite frames

Maternity Support Tank

A maternity support tank is like a regular top but design to support a pregnant abdomen. Again made from compression material which supports and improves blood flow. The tank design makes it stay in place easily and won’t roll or ride up like regular support belts.

The benefits of a support tank include:

  • Upper Body Support – If you suffer round ligament pain or back pain it’s a great option to support those muscles. It can even support growing breast which can cause upper back pain.
  • Discreet – These tanks are tight fitting and will go unseen under your clothes, unlike bulkier support belts.

Maternity support tanks score best for upper body support through all stages of pregnancy. Check out our top support tank recommendations.

Blanqi Maternity Bodystyler

The Blanqi Maternity Bodystyler is a great alternative to a support belt. It will provide support for your abdomen, back and bust. It has an under bust design so no need to worry about it fitting your bra size. It’s perfect for wearing under clothes and even dresses to smooth out your lumps and bumps. It’s even comfortable enough to wear in summer as the fabric wicks away moisture.

Pros: very supportive, cooling fabric, improves posture, doubles as a belly band

Cons: Expensive, too long for short torso

Bellybra Maternity Support Tank

The BellyBra support tank is the best option for those suffering from upper or lower back pain. The elasticated back corrects your posture and prevents aches and pains. The wide straps provide a lot of support for the shoulders and your growing breasts. This tank is rated highly by moms who are pregnant with twins or a large baby.

Pros: full bust support, shoulder support, discreet, comfortable

Cons: Not for severe pain, tendency to roll up

Maternity Support Underwear

Again just like your regular underwear but with a compression fabric to support your lower half. Different types may cover only your crotch and abdomen, and other may extend down your legs. Remember you will need to remove the underwear to go to the loo. Benefits of maternity support underwear include:

  • Lower body support – This type of underwear will provide extra support for your abdomen, lower back, hips and pelvis. This type will benefit you if you are suffering from SPD or PGP.
  • Varicose Veins – These are problematic for pregnant women especially as your weight increases. The support and improved blood flow to your legs will ease the discomfort you suffer.
  • Swelling – improved lower leg circulation and lymph drainage can help you cut down on swelling. This is important if you have a very active or sedentary job up until late pregnancy.

Belevation Maternity Shapewear

For light support which doesn’t constrict then the Belevation maternity shapewear are the best rated. We would recommend these for wearing under maxi dresses during summer months. The lightweight fabric is supportive without being too constrictive and won’t make you sweat.

Pros: lightweight fabric, light support, prevent leg chaffing, No VPL, comfortable

Cons: long torso, can’t support sanitary napkins for discharge

SPANX Power Mama

For a tight support for your pelvis, hips, back and lower abdomen then invest in the SPANX Power Mama. This underwear will make to feel supported, lifted and totally smoothed out. If you’re quick changing shape is causing you to have low body confidence, then these bad boys will have you feeling svelte in no time. Perfect for wearing under tight or shape fitting clothes or dresses.

Pros: tight support, discreet, prevent chaffing, great shapewear

Cons: abdomen fabric rips easily, too hot for summer wear

Buying Guide

The features of a belly band will vary between brands. Note down what you want from each area to narrow down your choices.


Do you want to simply cover your tummy or do you also want to support your abdomen? Some support belts will also double as a belly band to help your normal clothes adjust to your pregnancy.


The level of fit will vary depending on style of band or belt. Some will be adjustable to git your own comfort levels whereas other will have a tight or loose fit. Consider length of your torso particularly if you’re tall or petite.


If you need support for aches and pains you will need to target the areas that hurt. Is it your abdomen, back, hips or pelvis that is suffering most? Certain style will be more suited to these areas, or target a few at once.


How often will you need to clean the item and is it easy to do so. Garment which are machine washable and quick drying score highest for maintenance. You may want to consider buying two so you can rotate between washes.


The cost of a belly band will vary between style and quality. You can find great performing belly bands and support to suit all budgets. The choice we recommended above ranged from $15-$80.

Comparison Guide

If you’ve already narrowed you options down to a few choices you may be struggling to choose between them. These are areas of a belly band which affect how well they are rated. Choose which area is most important to you and the band which scores highest in this area is the best belly band for you.


Pregnancy already makes you uncomfortable and you don’t want to add to it. The band or belt you choose should be comfortable to wear throughout the day. It shouldn’t dig in, rub or be too tight. Check the band is available in your sizing to prevent discomfort.


Your belt should be high quality enough to withstand daily use throughout your pregnancy. Investing in a high quality band or belt may even see you though more than one pregnancy in the future.

Ease of Use

Condenser how easy the band or belt will be to use throughout your pregnancy. It may be easy to use when your bump is small, but what about when it grows. You also need to think how it will perform throughout a day of use: will it ride up or roll? Will it cause you to get too hot? Is it discreet under your clothes? Do you need to wiggle out of it to go to the toilet numerous times a day?


The aim of a band or support is to cover you or support your bump. A good belly band will enable you to continue wearing your normal clothes for longer. A goo maternity support will improve your posture and reduce aches and pains.

best belly band pregnancy support

5 Tips to Prevent Pregnancy Pains

Pregnancy support belts are great for providing relief and support. They will not however fix any underlying cause of pain. It’s important not to rely too heavily on a support belt. We recommend making the following lifestyle changes to will aid the effectiveness of using a pregnancy belt.

Improve Posture

Your spine naturally curves during pregnancy and poor posture can quickly lead to back pain. Sitting upright and preventing slouching can combat this. Try sitting on a birthing ball rather than a sofa. This can also help baby get into the best position for birth.

Low impact exercise

Strengthening your muscles through exercises will prevent them becoming lax. Low impact exercise such as yoga or swimming is recommended in pregnancy. This will also help build you stamina and coping skills for labour.

Pelvic floor exercise

Your pelvic floor is made up of the muscles and ligaments attaches to your pelvis. By strengthening these you can prevent pelvic pain occurring in pregnancy. It’s a good skill to have in order to prevent future gynae problems after having your baby.


If you suffer from ongoing pain issues before pregnancy consult with a physiotherapist throughout for regular assessment. They should be able to give you specific exercises to prevent pregnancy aggravating any existing conditions.

Balanced Diet

A healthy balanced diet will ensure you get the right vitamins and mineral for healthy muscle development. A poor diet will result in sudden weight gain causing severe muscle strain in pregnancy.