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Becoming a new mom can be overwhelming.

When your new and very tiny tyrant is sucking up all your energy you:

  1. Want help quickly
  2. Don’t have time to shop around

What you need is ease and convenience to get through the day.

I asked Stork Mama readers what products they would recommend to new mamas. Then I rounded up all the suggestions and created this post for you.

That’s right a whole list of best baby products for first time moms recommended by other mamas who have been there and got the puke-stained t-shirt.

So go ahead and stock up on these and you can thank me later.

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Best Baby Products for First Time Moms - Recommended by other moms. These must have baby items are life saving for new mamas. They will make life with a newborn baby so much easier. New Mom Picks 2018 for new parents. Stork Mama

Best Baby Products for First Time Moms

1. Nasal aspirator

Anyone who is not a parent will find using a nasal aspirator totally gross. When you have a snotty baby, you are going to kiss the feet of the inventors. Yes, you use it to suck the stop from your baby’s nose. Gross? Yes, but completely hygienic with the use of a filter. Plus it’s effective.

Trust me, when your baby is completely bunged up and miserable, this little lifesaver will help them breathe easy again.

2. Butt cream applicator

Your baby will poop and pee a lot. Plus when they start to teeth they usually get a little butt rash. Using a butt cream is a super barrier. However, it’s sticky, greasy, waterproof and horrible to have slathered on your hands and stuck under fingernails.

A butt cream applicator is a genius little product. It’s like one those little plastic PVA glue spreaders you used in kindergarten.  Not only does it keep your hands clean but its super soft to apply to your baby’s sensitive botty.

3. Tub hammock

Bath time for a new parent is quite frankly petrifying. New-born babies are small and wiggly, and then you throw water into the mix, eek!

A baby bath tub with a small hammock is a great way to keep your baby in place. You will have two hands-free to wash and lift baby out without any hassle. These tubs can also fit into larger basins, so you don’t need to bend over to wash baby or empty the water.

4. Sleep Sack

You probably already know about safe sleep advice for your baby, but it’s another thing you’re worried about. Loose blankets have the potential to move during the night and cover your babies face.

You can use cellular cotton blankets, but a sleep sack is a great product to give you peace of mind. Your baby is warm while they sleep, without the worry the blankets will move.

5. Sleep monitor

As a new mom, you’d give anything to have a good night sleep. The truth is, when your baby does sleep through longer than usual, you probably check them a million times to make sure they are still breathing?

Sound like you? Well a baby movement monitor is something that can ease your anxiety. These type of products don’t prevent SIDS. However, they can alert you to any potential changes in your baby’s activity.

I’d recommend avoiding this type of product if false alarms will make you even more anxious.

6. Diaper pail

Did you know your newborn will need around 10 diaper changes a day?

Whether you are using disposables or cloth diapers, that is a lot of lingering smell. Honestly, an old diaper stinks after a few hours, never mind a day or two. With a newborn, you just don’t have time to put out the trash at every diaper change.

A diaper pail is trash can for your baby’s diapers. These are a great way to control the odour in between emptying the trash.

7. Peanut changer

Changing diapers is pretty gross, and you’re doing it all the freaking time with a newborn.

I highly recommend investing in a good quality changing mat. That means one which has a clean wipe surface, non-slip and a security buckle.

Honestly, without these features, you are going to get peeved quickly. Think how often you’ll need to change a poopy cover, the mat slips around or a baby who takes off mid-change.

8. Baby nail clipper

Do you know how tiny baby fingernails are? Plus they are super long at birth.

You’ll need to regularly trim your newborn’s nails because they love to your those little etalons to scratch up their face.

Unsurprisingly baby fingernails are hard to cut. They are tiny, and you don’t want to cause your baby any harm. I recommend buying a baby nail clipper to give you more control while cutting their nails.

9. Baby Lounger

You’ll need to put your baby down now and then to get things done. Before your baby can sit upright, they need a safe a supported area.

A baby lounger is a fantastic way to keep baby protected. Plus you can use it for tummy time to strengthen your baby’s back muscles and prevent flat head.

Moms also use it for sleep times to give the baby womb-like protection, or for co-sleeping.  Although, I’d advise you to be careful with this type of use. You should always follow safe sleep advice for your baby.

10. Back seat mirror

The AAP recommends your baby uses a rear-facing car seat until they are toddlers. This position makes it difficult for you to see your baby when you are the driver.

A back seat mirror is a great way for you to easily see your baby at a glance. That way you can make sure they are safe, and give them reassurance when they are upset.

11. Nursing pillow

I recommend getting a nursing pillow whether you are breastfeeding or not.

Obviously, if you are breastfeeding a pillow will help you get into right feeding positions. However, it also has other great uses.

If you had a c-section, it would take the weight off your wound, whether you are breast or bottle feeding. It can also be used to prop baby up for tummy time activities as they grow.

My favorite use is when your baby begins to sit upright. They go through a little phase of falling backward and sideways until they can support themselves. A nursing pillow can be wrapped around them to give them the freedom to try sitting, without any nasty bumps if they fall.

12. Humidifier

Dry air is terrible for young babies. Mainly because bacteria and viruses love it, and that’s bad news for your baby’s immature immune system.

A humidifier is a great way to hydrate the air, especially in dry climates or winter time. It will help your baby keep congestion, dry skin and coughs at bay.

These machines can also help your baby get better quality sleep. Adding essential oil such as chamomile or lavender is an age-old trick to ease your baby to sleep. Also, it may sound crazy, but the white noise these machines make can often soothe your baby to sleep.

13. Gas reliever

This list probably has some of the weirdest products you’ve ever seen. Well another one is a butt straw for your gassy baby.

That’s right, you pop this little device into your baby’s butt, and it will help them toot or even poop. It sounds strange, but honestly, you’ll do anything to help your baby when they have the discomfort of trapped gas or constipation.

I’d recommend trying these with lots of massage and tummy time to help ease your baby’s wind problems.

14. Baby carrier

If you have a busy lifestyle you need a baby carrier. I’m not saying you should replace your expensive stroller, but a carrier will complement it.

Baby carriers are simple to use and allow you to multitask. That means you can look after baby but get housework done, look after older children or send important emails.

You can use it in the house, or get out and about to places that a stroller can’t, or is restricting. Think about shopping in a busy mall or going for a hill walk.

15. Diaper bag

For someone so tiny, your baby will need a lot of things when you go out and about. It’s like packing for a military mission sometimes.

A diaper bag is a great way to be organized and have everything you need to hand. You can store your bottles, diapers, change mat, wipes, toys, keys, phone, and essentials all in one handy bag.

Plus some modern designs are really cute and make daytrips with baby a whole lot easier.

16. Muslin blankets

If you want to know a favourite for the mom arsenal, it’s a bunch of muslin blankets. These are so versatile for new moms.

You can use them to swaddle baby, burp cloths, emergency diaper changer and stop flailing arms when breastfeeding.

They are easy to use and comfortable for your baby. Plus they have great airflow, which makes them a great alternative to a blanket in warmer weather.

17. Stroller hook

That small stroller may have been a great idea to get around easier, however not so great for storage.

Have you ever been shopping alone with your baby a small stroller? Trying to carry multiple bags as push a stroller is a nightmare.

A stroller hook is a cheap and simple product you’ll be so grateful for. It simply clips onto the stroller handle and keeps all your bags in one place without the struggle.

It’s also great for grocery shopping to hold a few bags at a time. These are great if you live in a building with stairs or want to avoid multiple trips to the car to get everything in the house.

18. Video monitor

If your baby will be in a different room to sleep, then a monitor is a great way to keep an eye on them. I recommend a video monitor as not only can you hear them, but you can see them too.

That means if you hear a weird noise, you can see what’s causing it, without rushing to the room in a panic to check your baby is ok.

Also, video monitors give better feedback than cheaper audio monitors. A monitor which cuts out occasionally or crackles is annoying and can cause you to stress.

19. Amazon family

Although this isn’t a product, many moms recommended that you sign up for Amazon family.  It’s free, and you get sent money off coupons and exclusive deals for baby items. They’ll send you updates on the latest baby items and recommendations of items for your baby’s age.

Also if you use Amazon subscribe and save for baby basics such as diapers, wipes or diaper bags you can save 15%. These savings can add up to $100’s in the first few years, on things you’ll always need.